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VirtualPBX Minute Plans Cater to Businesses With Occasional Voice Usage

VirtualPBX Minute Plans TableVirtualPBX, a developer of business phone plans for more than 20 years, announced today that it has released its new Minute 300, Minute 500, and Minute 1000 Plans.

The new Minute Plans arrive as a low-cost alternative to the established Dash Plans. Both sets use same underlying framework – which offers powerful features like Automated Attendant and Ring Groups – but Minute Plans reduce monthly costs to as low as $9.99 per user by limiting the number of minutes available in each tier.

This makes Minute Plans great for businesses that are just getting started or that experience a low call volume each month. VirtualPBX CEO Paul Hammond spoke about the affordability and expansiveness of Minute choices:

“Minute 300, 500, and 1000 give businesses an economical option for their voice service,” Hammond said. “Now for only $9.99 a month, an entrepreneur can bootstrap their initial marketing efforts or provide a dedicated business number to their contacts. Entrepreneurs and small businesses can grow their operations and upgrade VirtualPBX service as necessary – to other Minute Plans or our unlimited-minutes Dash Plans.”

“Calls can be easily forwarded to personal devices. And Minute users can expect to receive the base set of powerful features we offer to all our clients, including Automated Attendant, Ring Groups, Audio Conferencing, ACD Queues capability, and Zapier Integration for web service automation.”

In addition, all Minute Plans support unlimited users and give those users access to the free, full-featured VirtualPBX Web Phone. The three new plans are named according to the minutes they offer:

  • Minute 300 offers businesses 300 local + toll-free minutes and includes 1 free phone number.
  • Minute 500 allows for 500 minutes of calling and includes 2 free phone numbers. It adds ACD Queues capability to its feature list.
  • Minute 1000 boosts included minutes to 1000 and comes with 3 free phone numbers. ACD Queues capability, Call Recording, and Webhooks join the list of base features here.

Interested businesses can speak to the VirtualPBX Sales team today. Minute Plans are available now and present an affordable option to all organizations that want advanced calling features but don’t need to complete a lot of calls each month.

About VirtualPBX

VirtualPBX develops a powerful, affordable VoIP Phone System for businesses of all sizes. Enjoy professional features like Auto Attendant, Ring Groups, Zapier Integration, and full-featured Web Phone with every plan. Upgrade to Call Recording, External Storage, and more as needed. VirtualPBX supports office phones and personal devices, including business smartphones in its nation-wide 4G LTE network. Award-winning SIP Trunking and networking services are also available from this San Jose-based business of more than 20 years market experience.

VirtualPBX Contact:
Rachel Anderson, Vice President of Design & Marketing
888.825.0800 Ext. 339
Rachel.Anderson [at]

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