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Virtual PBX® Announces Local Number Service


Virtual PBX® Announces Local Number Service

now clients can establish a local presence in over 4,000 communities

SAN JOSE, CALIF. (August 8, 2005) – VirtualPBX, the leading supplier of hosted PBX services to small and medium-sized businesses, today announced the immediate availability of its new Local Number Service. Until now, all Virtual PBX service has been offered through nationwide toll-free numbers. With this release, clients can now choose phone numbers that will be “local” in almost any location in the United States. Benefits to customers include reduced costs, the addition of Direct-Inward-Dial service for any extension, the ability to have both local and toll-free numbers, and easier access from international locations.

Most Virtual PBX clients have one main business number. Virtual PBX answers calls to that main number, provides a custom greeting for callers and gives them menu options for routing to an employee extension or a department. Calls are then connected to the appropriate employee at any phone, in any location. Before this release, all incoming phone numbers in the Virtual PBX system had to be toll-free numbers (1-8XX numbers). Now clients can choose a toll-free or local number, or can have one or more incoming numbers of either type. Local numbers are available in over 4,200 local exchanges, representing over 4,000 communities in the United States.

“Virtual PBX has built a strong business answering and routing calls that come into our clients’ toll-free numbers,” said Greg Brashier, VP of Marketing for Virtual PBX. “Now we can meet the needs of an even larger market. Many companies want to establish a local presence in their own community, and sometimes a nationwide toll-free number doesn’t give the right impression to their customers. With our Local Number Service, our clients can show they’re committed to a region or neighborhood. They can even have local numbers in several different locales, all coming into one system, giving local presence in each community where they do business.”

reduced cost

The new Local Number Service offers cost advantages over toll-free service, with per-minute fees dropping to as low as 3 cents per minute, a 57% saving over the base toll-free rate. The low rates are available for any VirtualPBX Service, including SOHO (Small Office Home Office), Small Business, and Corporate plans.

direct-inward-dial (DID)

With DID technology, any Virtual PBX extension owner can have a private incoming phone number for receiving calls, faxes, and voicemail. Callers can reach these employees either by dialing through the main business number and entering the extension number, or by dialing directly into the DID number for the extension. Calls into the DID numbers are still part of the client’s Virtual PBX system and get all the benefits of voicemail, faxes, follow-me calling, transfers to other extensions, conferencing, and more.

multiple numbers

Many Virtual PBX clients have more than one incoming number, giving callers distinctive greetings for any part of the client’s business, or allowing clients to answer calls for multiple different businesses. With Local Number Service, this capability expands to provide local presence in multiple local markets. Each incoming number can be from a different area, and the client company doesn’t have to incur additional costs for offices in each geography. Clients can also mix toll-free and local incoming numbers to provide the right kind of communication to specific market segments.

international access

Virtual PBX has a large number of international clients that use the Service to establish a US presence. However, since most international phones cannot call US toll-free numbers, it can be difficult for international callers to call in. The Virtual PBX Local Number Service solves this problem by providing local US numbers that can be dialed from any international location.

“We’re thrilled to be able to take this next important step in the development of Virtual PBX in direct response to feedback from our clients,” said Paul Hammond, the company’s CEO. “And this is just one step. We’re working on a host of additional enhancements and new services that will continue our leadership in technology, features, and reliability.”

about virtual pbx

Virtual PBX® pioneered the hosted PBX market, introducing the first service of its class in 1997. Virtual PBX utilizes the public switched telephone network and the internet to provide PBX functionality as a hosted service. The three primary customers for Virtual PBX services include small businesses that want full PBX functionality without the capital and support expense of installed equipment; companies of any size that need to route calls to telecommuters or other employees outside of a main office; and enterprises looking for phone system disaster recovery solutions. Additional information about Virtual PBX can be found at or by calling 888-825-0800.

# # #®, Virtual PBX®, and VirtualPBX® are registered trademark, Inc.

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