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Company Saved Over $12,000 with VirtualPBX

Press Release

genoa business forms, inc. turns to virtual pbx to better engage customers and reduce overall costs

Company Saved Over $12,000 with Virtual PBX.

SAN JOSE, CALIF. (May 18, 2010) – Virtual PBX, the inventor and leading supplier of hosted business phone services, today announced that Genoa Business Forms, Inc., a family owned manufacturer of printed products established in 1957, has incorporated Virtual PBX’s business-class phone system, which reduces overall costs, provides much needed additional services and ensures that its employees are connected with clients at all times.

Genoa Business Forms began using Virtual PBX in September of 2009 after management realized the company had a need for a service that would allow employees to stay in constant communication with customers and would provide additional services that traditional phone systems could not offer. After researching what was available and comparing that to its needs, the company ultimately chose Virtual PBX. With this new system, there was no need to purchase new hardware or worry about ongoing maintenance charges, and the company could add its existing landline, VoIP and mobile phones with the service.

“After using Virtual PBX for just a few weeks, we knew that we made the right choice for our business, as it did everything we expected and more,” said Philip Paulson, president of Genoa Business Forms. “The main benefits included saving over $10,000 in installation costs, plus $2,000 a year in a maintenance agreement. Beyond that, it enabled our workforce to take business calls anywhere, anytime, resulting in much greater availability to our most important asset – our customers.”

Beyond the savings that Genoa Business Forms realized immediately, the company had the added bonus of saving 10 percent on phone bills since it no longer needed landlines (or the related long-distance charges) to conduct business day-to-day. It also increased productivity, as staff no longer needed to be tethered to their desks to conduct business like they had in the past.

“Virtual PBX offers an ideal solution for companies looking for that winning edge needed to succeed in today’s difficult business climate. It is essential for companies to stay agile and look for ways to not only save money, but to improve the way they do business,” said Paul Hammond, president and CEO of Virtual PBX. “Genoa Business Forms is that kind of company, as they have reduced their day-to-day expenses while providing even better customer service. It is these very things that we strive to bring all of our customers.”

About Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX believes you never get a second chance to make a good first impression – especially when it comes to serving your customers. Our hosted PBX phone service gives small and growing businesses a professional, fully automated call answering and routing solution that can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Forget the hassles and costs of buying and maintaining your own PBX hardware. With Virtual PBX, your employees, whether in one location or far-flung, can focus on serving your customers while we provide the advanced features and responsiveness that give you a competitive edge. We also offer a backup phone service to ensure your business stays up and running should disaster strike. For more information on how your business can benefit from our innovation and passionate commitment to great customer service, visit us on the Web at

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