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Connecting the Dots: Business Integration Basics Webinar

Your VirtualPBX Webhooks Primer

Join CMO And Webhooks Enthusiast, Rachel Anderson In This Integration Basics Webinar

Webhook integrations play a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and functionality of businesses. These automated communication channels enable real-time data exchange between different software systems, applications, and platforms, facilitating seamless information flow and synchronization. By leveraging webhooks, businesses can streamline their workflows based on call and text exchanges; automating routine tasks, and responding swiftly to critical events.  Register below to receive the replay in your inbox.

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What Is Covered in this Integration Basics Webinar?

We’ll be focusing on one of the most flexible options businesses have when integrating their tools: webhooks. A webhook is a powerful mechanism that allows applications and services to communicate with each other in real-time. As opposed to native integrations, webhooks provide near infinite flexibility and often serve as a way to connect systems that otherwise cannot be connected. In this webinar, we’ll cover:

1. Webhook Integrations 101

The basic concepts behind integrating with webhooks, including tips on designing workflows that work.

2. Step-by-Step Examples

We’ve helped customers create a wide range of webhooks and in this webinar we’ll focus on three examples including sending agent status alerts to Slack, logging text messages in your company chat, and creating tasks to follow up on voicemails in your task management tool. 

3. Q&A

Rachel answers questions sent in by the audience during this former live event.

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