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VirtualPBX Concierge Service

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VirtualPBX Concierge Service

ConciergeWe’ve had a busy few months here at VirtualPBX Headquarters. We’ve won some incredible awards for our virtual phone system service and products, we’ve added some new customer support best practices for VoIP, and we’ve kept up with the everyday advances of our platform to provide the best office phone system to our customers that they can find. But not content just to sit idly by and let all of our business phone options’ recognition go to our heads, we’ve also been working on another big project.

Your Private Communications Expert

VirtualPBX Concierge marks a total disruption of the existing hosted telecommunications paradigm. As announced earlier this week, concierge service is an unprecedented approach to how businesses partner with telecom industry leaders. The high-touch service and attention of a VirtualPBX Concierge expert delivers more than simply a dedicated telecommunications agent, though, and the work that is delivered to participating account holders is infinitely evident in two key areas.

Big Data, Big Difference

We are doing more than requiring you to brain-dump all of your company’s needs and expectations before letting you move on with your business. By activating concierge services you declare where you need to apply your full attention and where else that you need to position the right partners to take care of the rest. By picking us to be that partner, you also don’t expect to diagram your entire business model. Good, because we already have. We collect and analyze staggering amounts of usage data to preconfigure an approach to your business based off of your company’s unique profile. We’ve been building out the framework for a custom-made program just for you way before the time you’re ready to have a conversation about a concierge. Then we can shape the mold to accommodate every nuance and need of your organization to hit the ground running.

VirtualPBX Concierge is a truly revolutionary approach to utilities partnerships. We want to give you the power of all of our expertise at your fingertips. VirtualPBX Concierge accomplishes that, so you can be free to accomplish your next big revolution, too. Get in touch with one of our Support Experts to begin planning your concierge program today.

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