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International Phone Numbers from VirtualPBX

Big news around here – we just added the ability to own phone numbers in over 40 countries around the world. Not just limited to local or toll-free US numbers, Virtual PBX customers can get numbers that make them accessible to callers worldwide. No more need to have a separate number in Thailand that forwards to a US number, or make your potential customers in Italy have to face long-distance charges to make purchases. Now, the best hosted PBX is worldwide.

As an added benefit, it’s also incredibly low-cost, and very easy to get those numbers added to an existing PBX. It’s usually only about $20 per month, and no extra per-minute charges, all accessible from the online tool to manage the account phone numbers. Just click add, and choose the country and city. That’s it. Done.
So yeah. Really excited about it. Easy, fast, cost-effective, with no corners cut? That’s Virtual PBX. That’s what we do. Look forward to even more great ways to improve your business and personal communication in the next few months.