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Tech Talks with COO Lon Baker: The Future of Work is Remote

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Tech Talks with COO Lon Baker: The Future of Work is Remote

Tech Talks with COO Lon Baker: The Future of Work is RemoteHaving been around for over twenty years we have seen business change in so many ways. From the adoption of what became known as hosted phone services to distributed mobile collaboration applications.

In today’s environment, after over a year of disruptions to the workplace, a growing number of people have had to adapt and develop new work habits; adopting collaboration tools, working from home, and embracing the challenges and benefits. A growing number of employees view going back to the the old ways as a step in the wrong direction.

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The Future of Work is Remote

These employees are now looking for innovative and agile companies that have embraced this new work world and is an opportunity to recruit the best of the best from anywhere in the world.

99% of the best employees do not live anywhere near your company’s geographic offices. Embracing collaboration tools that include voice, video, sms and automation tools, will allow them to seamlessly form distributed teams that will propel their business.

Collaboration Tools Power Remote Teams

At VirtualPBX we use our own tools to manage teams spread out across the United States and overseas. The backbone being our voice platform and Desktop and Mobile Softphone that displays real-time presence information for employees. This allows each of us to see when someone is available, busy, away, on a call or in a meeting.

Our Collaboration tools powers our video conferencing and screen sharing for scheduled or quick on the fly meetings.

Additionally, our platform includes a rich API and integrations with Zapier that helps teams improve our process, automate repetitive tasks, collect business data, or implement email, SMS and Slack notifications for key internal and external events.

All of these tools allow us to have a more connected and effective team than when we had as a geographically based team 5 years ago.

Today we are recruiting remote team members for our Sales, Marketing and Billing teams. Just one of our recent job posting generated 10 time the number of applicants by focusing on recruiting for remote-only positions.

If your company wants to thrive in the new remote work first world, embrace platforms that connect your teams and empower them to build processes to help them work better.

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