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Take A SIP & See


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Take A SIP & See

The Season of SIP Trunking

In the latest Transparency Market Research, global SIP trunking services market expects to grow at a 13% annual rate until 2030, reaching the US 35.5 billion market value by the same year. But how does this type of technology benefit you, the business owner superhero? Mainly, it gives you a global presence with a local reach. How so?

Dropping Knowledge

Let’s hit the brakes and drop some background for those new to the topic. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, and SIP trunking (in a nutshell) replaces traditional telephone lines. Gone are the days when office phones had to have a professional tech team install PBX (Private Branch Exchange) on-site.

A SIP trunk connects your PBX to a service provider through the internet and enables users to make and receive phone calls to anyone in the world with a phone number. To sum up, it transitions your on-premise PBX system to the cloud, but it has so many other benefits to entice the masses. Got more questions? Totally understand. It is a lot of information. Check out some other nifty points that will help update your mainframe where it concerns SIP trunking.

Show Me The Money

Cost Savings SIPWant to say goodbye to big bills? One of the most remarkable benefits of SIP trunking is that it offers a much lower overall cost per minute for voice traffic and can often allow companies to consolidate communications providers. Even better, you can scale up or down with ease when you see fit.

Gartner reports that upgrading to SIP Trunking from a legacy system can save as much as 50% in telephony costs. More money means more opportunities to buy something extra special for a loved one this holiday season. Or for yourself. Don’t worry. We won’t snitch on you for investing in a nice hardware piece for your remote work lifestyle.

Stay SIP reliable and have a disruption-free holiday every year.

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