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Is a VoIP Phone System Reliable?

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Is a VoIP Phone System Reliable?

When you buy a phone system from VirtualPBX, you can rest assured that you are getting the most reliable VoIP phone system on the market. With great features, a secure telecommunication network, and award winning service features, Virtual PBX only offers the very best VoIP phone systems for their customers.

VirtualPBX boasts a reliable, co-located facility with multiple power and telecom sources. Our switches are stored in a data center, part of a government-protected network, which is subjected to government regulation along with our own efforts. Our multiple sources of electric and inbound and outbound carriers ensure that our system stays secure and functioning. We also pride ourselves in our fully redundant systems with backup, so no customer call is ever affected, as well as carrier class switching – providing you with more uptime than any other VoIP provider.

All of our network points are firewall protected and completely secure with no loopholes. We have separate systems, which means your customer calls come first, then the web interface that controls the phone system comes second. Therefore, a web failure will not affect your calls. VoIP calls also go through a secure backbone.

General Reliability
With Virtual PBX, you never have to worry about any downtime, as any downtime we schedule has absolutely no effect on our customers. No customer calls are ever affected during repairs or updates. Virtual PBX also boasts 99.999% uptime – more than any other virtual phone service provider, thanks to the redundancies in our electric providers combined with the redundant network and switching components.

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