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How Remote Employees Can Manage Favor Requests From Friends and Family

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How Remote Employees Can Manage Favor Requests From Friends and Family

Work From HomeWhen somebody needs a ride to the airport, the first person they call is their trusted work-from-home friend. Remote workers are all too familiar with this type of request because their flexible work schedules attract them more than those of their office-dwelling peers. As flattering as it is to be relied upon, remote workers have deadlines to meet and small disruptions can lead to major losses in productivity. Is there no way to have the best of both worlds? We think there is! Here are three ways remote employees can manage these favor requests from friends and family while still staying productive at work.

Use a Time Scheduling App

Like any good friend, you want to help out as much as possible. Fortunately, there are many excellent time scheduling apps like ScheduleOnce that can be used for maintaining work-life balance. When utilizing a scheduling tool, friends and family can simply check your schedule and request time for favor requests when it’s convenient for both parties. In addition to managing your free time, scheduling tools add transparency, efficiency, and structure to your daily routine.

Set Distraction Boundaries

No matter where you are, it’s important to set healthy boundaries to ensure you’re doing your best work. When working remotely in close proximity to friends, family, or roommates, however, that becomes especially important. While they may be tempted to gossip or ask for your help moving something because you are nearby, it’s essential to communicate that your team is depending on you to be available and engaged, and any interruptions in your work schedule could impact your productivity.

Try a Cloud-Based Business Phone System

Occasionally all employees, remote or otherwise, will have to step away from the office for a few hours. When this happens, even when you’re not at your desk, the show must go on. When this happens, it’s best if you can bring the office with you while you’re gone putting out fires. With the Dash Business Phone System, you can place and receive calls from anywhere in the world without missing a beat. No matter what situation arises, inside or out of the office, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that Dash will keep you connected to your team and customers.

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