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We’re Almost There – The Final Countdown to KazooCon 2016

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We’re Almost There – The Final Countdown to KazooCon 2016

Countdown to KazooCon 2016We know it’s likely something that you’ve already purchased tickets for, but VirtualPBX and 2600Hz teamed-up with the hosted telecommunications industry’s best and brightest to bring you KazooCon 2016. What you might not realize, however, is that the final countdown to KazooCon 2016 is almost up. That’s right, we’ll be seeing you and hundreds of the world’s most influential players in VoIP at the historic Broadway Theater next week!

Things to Look Forward To

To be completely honest, this subject could take up an entire series of blog posts all to itself, but the fact is that there are a few must-see-moments to make note of during the countdown to KazooCon. Unmistakably, the networking and educational benefits of mingling with the men and women who are the backbone of the business phone industry cannot be overstated. Also new for 2016 and for the foodie in all of us are the selections from San Francisco’s famous food truck community that will power attendees through the information-packed presentations. What isn’t new, however, is the intrigue that surrounds whatever new product announcements that 2600Hz will be making at the event- trust me, we’ve been trying to find out ourselves for weeks and can’t wait! But of course, possibly the most intruiging twist to the event will be what organizers have put together for the After Party. Sorry, we’ve been sworn to secrecy on that one. And finally, the inclusion of the new business panel on telecom reselling with special guest appearance by our very own COO, Lon Baker, is a “can’t-miss” if there ever was one.

So Are You Packed & Ready?

The countdown to KazooCon 2016 began when the curtains drew closed at last year’s event, and all the sand is almost out of the hourglass. This year’s new format, powerful speakers, and exciting and crowd-pleasing structure make KazooCon a perennial powerhouse event and certainly one not worth missing. You can also stay up-to-date on all of the other must-see events we work on along with any new product information by signing up for our newsletter.

If you still want to buy a last second ticket for more of your team to attend (because you’ve already gotten yours, of course), there’s still time but hurry because the countdown to KazooCon is all but finished. If all of your spots are saved, though, make sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for all of our live updates from the event, and maybe even to save you a spot in line for the food trucks.

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