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3 Things to Look For When Choosing the Right VoIP Provider

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3 Things to Look For When Choosing the Right VoIP Provider

VoIP seems to be all the rage in various business industries and it’s important to do your research to choose a VoIP provider that is right for you before jumping right in. The most important aspect in choosing the right provider includes finding one that includes a secure telecommunication network, with call quality, and VoIP quality. Below are three things to look for in a PBX phone system and service provider.

Data Center
With a hardened, co-located facility, switches should be stored in a co-located datacenter that is part of a government-protected network for technology and communication. Multiple power and telecom sources allow the system to stay secure and functioning even if a telecommunication provider were to collapse with no risk of affecting customer calls. Carrier Class Switching allows providers to make their own changes, therefore providing you with virtually zero downtime.

It’s important that all network points are firewalled and that full security measures are taken. Separate systems are ideal so that a web failure won’t affect calls. If calls are being placed to VoIP phones or soft phones, it is vulnerable to access through the internet, something copper wire calls are immune to. Therefore, VoIP calls must go through a secure backbone to ensure your VoIP calls are secure at all times.

When searching for a reliable VoIP provider, it’s important to search for a company that promises no planned downtime. This means that no customer calls are affected, even if repairs are needed with the provider. Ask your prospective VoIP provider about the percentage of uptime you can expect.

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