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2019 Unified Communications Product of the Year: We’re Top of the Class!

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2019 Unified Communications Product of the Year: We’re Top of the Class!

2019 Unified Communications POTY LogoIt’s another exciting week here at VirtualPBX. We’re happy to announce our receipt of the 2019 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award, presented by TMC and INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine, for development of our SIP Trunking service.

TMC, an information technology marketing brand, and its IP communications magazine, INTERNET TELEPHONY, announce the top Unified Communications products every year in their Product of the Year awards. This year’s honored developers include some of the biggest names in the communications market. We’re in good company and have worked tirelessly to bring our customers a service that’s award-worthy.

What do we bring to the table? Our VirtualPBX SIP Trunking service lets companies transform the state of their PBX servers and get away from costly necessities like PRI lines. We help businesses make partial and complete transitions from on-site telephone service to hosted, VoIP telephony.

What Our SIP Trunking Service Offers

Let’s take a quick overview of the highlights that made TMC CEO Rich Tehrani exclaim, “Every year, I am more and more impressed by the innovative options available to clients in search of unified communications. The 2019 winners are driving the industry forward, and I can’t wait to monitor the continued success of these companies.”

  • Cost Savings
    Private branch exchange (PBX) servers are not only expensive, they come with a maintenance costs like upkeep and the purchase of PRI lines to handle telephone calls. We let companies keep their PBX investment and replace their PRI lines with flexible, cost-effective SIP trunks that only demand a small cost-per-minute fee.

  • 99.999% Uptime
    PBX servers and their attachment to PRI lines can also create headaches regarding uptime. Dropped calls and static may regularly mar users’ calls. We offer the Five Nines of uptime to make sure businesses can reach their customers without added stress.

  • Easy Call Volume Expansion
    PRI lines come only in large blocks of service – 23 lines at a time. With VirtualPBX, you start with 20 channels and 5 burstable channels. Then you can purchase lines individually if you need more.

  • No More Long Distance
    Long-distance charges on a business’s phone bill can be a shocker. You shouldn’t have to pay more because you do business across the country. VirtualPBX SIP Trunking lets you call across the U.S. for a single, affordable rate.

  • Join Trunking and VoIP
    For many businesses, use of a traditional PBX can feel like a trap – stuck in the same loop of high costs and restrictions. VirtualPBX lets businesses use SIP Trunking in conjunction with our Dash Enterprise Phone Plans to have some calls exit through trunks and others through VoIP. No matter their journey, though, everything exists in a single account.

Product of the Year in Our Eyes

VirtualPBX CEO Paul Hammond had this to say about our award win:

“It’s a great honor to be recognized among the best in the telecommunications industry.

“We strive to make the best SIP Trunking product on the market. The validation of winning the 2019 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award lets us know we’re on the right track and primed to impress those who matter most: our customers.”

With only a couple years of service under its belt, VirtualPBX SIP Trunking has risen to a point of recognition. This, however, doesn’t mean its done growing. You can get to know it further in our SIP Trunking Whitepaper.

We look forward to assisting many more businesses with this service in the years to come. Helping them fully realize the cost savings and features available with hosted phone service.

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