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VirtualPBX VoIP
Affiliate Opportunities

Custom Partnerships for Referral Traffic

By recommending VirtualPBX to your audience, you’re offering them a trusted solution for their communication needs. With VirtualPBX’s reliable services and innovative features, you’ll be sure to enhance user experience and build trust with your audience. Join forces with VirtualPBX today and empower your VoIP affiliate audience with the best in communication solutions!

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Win-Win Partnerships

By featuring VirtualPBX on your top provider lists and editorial content, you’re not just endorsing a reliable communication solution; you’re also providing invaluable guidance to your readers. VirtualPBX’s cutting-edge VoIP technology and robust contact center features make it a standout choice for businesses of all sizes. With its seamless integration and customizable solutions, VirtualPBX ensures that businesses can optimize their communication strategies efficiently. Moreover, VirtualPBX is always on the lookout for pay-per-click or pay-per-lead opportunities. Direct your inquiries to to explore how you can collaborate and unlock new revenue streams.

5 Best Business VoIP Features For Busy Professionals

We’re dedicated to creating long-term relationships with our VoIP affiliates with the goal of making them profitable and the end-customer satisfied. Here’s what a product research affiliate familiar with SaaS affiliate programs recently had to say:

"We always loved working with VirtualPBX as a partner. They offer one of the best product available in the market when it comes to VoIP or Business communication. When we selected this product to be added on our website, we realized that they’ve been in business for more than two decades now and that proves their credibility. They are always responsive and helpful for any required related to partnerships. The customers we referred to them were always happy with the product. It is indeed a win-win product for all."

VoIP Affiliate Writers Can Earn $100

Are you a talented writer with a knack for promoting next-gen technologies on your blog? VirtualPBX presents an opportunity to influence businesses and professionals alike about the benefits of our cloud-based phone system plans and features. Sound like this could be you? We invite you to send us your topic ideas – we’d be happy to review your topic choice. To participate:

  • Submit your draft and include a link to your blog by emailing
  • The VirtualPBX team will review your draft and blog to determine if the placement is mutually advantageous. Please allow 2-3 business days for us to approve your blog.
  • Post your blog live and share the link with us.