VoIP Test

Hosted IP PBXVirtualPBX offers a VoIP test that measures bandwidth, latency, and jitter, and checks on the port status of your network. This VoIP testis a good first step in assessing the suitability of your network for the deployment of VoIP systems. We recommend that you do a more complete assessment with network professionals that are experts in VoIP deployment.

Full description of each part of our VoIP test can be found on the test page. The bandwidth test reports upload and download speeds at the time you run it. Other traffic on your network can affect the test. The firewall check in our VoIP test looks at the status of both the client and server. Your main need from this test is to assure that the client UDP firewall is open.

Latency and jitter in the VoIP test measure two different aspects of delay in the network. High numbers in either VoIP test may mean the quality of voice calls going over the network could be impacted.

Finally, the VoIP test also measures packet loss. Data application often re-send dropped or lost packets, but VoIP does not. If your network shows any packet loss you should consult with network and VoIP experts.