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Call Queues vs Ring Groups

ACD QueuesThere is some confusion about the various uses for Call Queues and how they relate to Hunt Groups or Ring Groups. In the following text, you’ll be able to identify the key differences and similarities between the two most popular ways to route calls to the correct business parties. Essentially, both of these telephony features are just different technologies designed to accomplish the same thing. Each will streamline the process of inbound calls reaching your business, but they do so by employing different levels of technology. So without further ado, let’s look at the key differences between Call Queues and Hunt Groups. To do that, though, it’s best to understand how they are similar, first.

The Similarities Between Hunt Groups and Call Queues

Each technology is an organization of business departments into categories that will make navigating your company easy for an inbound caller. Both methods create department queues or groupings based on the rules that an admin can design. Generally, those lines are drawn around business functions for sales, customer support, accounts payable, an so on. Outside of the levels of customization that will be clear in a moment, the core purpose of ring groups and call queues is identical.

Hunt Groups: The Efficient Call Routing Experience

Ring Groups Call DistributionHunt Groups, commonly known also as Ring Groups, are a lean but effective call routing strategy. Ideal for growing companies, Ring Groups are categorizations that group team members based on their departmental proficiencies and then ring all of their numbers at the same time whenever a call comes in for any particular team or department. This is great for teams that need to give customers clear options when they call in but that also have low enough call volume that they don’t need sophisticated balancing to make sure no one member gets overwhelmed. Hunt Groups also come as standard features to all Dash Plans, so they often come as a bonus to businesses looking to save money over traditional, on-site PBX systems.

Call Queues: The Complete Call Routing Solution

Call Queues, also known as ACD Queues, go beyond the simple but effective approach to call routing of Hunt Groups. Characterized by the ability to balance call volume and calculate overflow and escalation contingencies, true departmental queues are complex systems that have historically been cost prohibitive for many companies to implement. Much of that cost came from the fact that each time a change was made to the organization of all of the various ways to route and balance call traffic used to require the presence of an on-site technician from the telephone company. This was wildly expensive and reserved for only the largest organizations until the advent of the virtual PBX that allowed for, like all hosted software applications, changes to be made remotely and as many times as a user needed to make them. As a result, hosted business telephone systems like Dash empower admins to manage their systems in real time from anywhere they have access to an internet or data connection.

Call Queues Live Monitoring on Dash Business Phone Plans

Some of the advanced functions of a modern, cloud-based ACD Queue system like what is on Dash include:

  • Team-based and needs-based grouping of employees.
  • Designation of agents or teams for overflow call management during high-volume periods.
  • Flexible queue distinctions for agents or teams with multi-disciplinary expertise.
  • Smart routing only sends callers to available employees.
  • Wrap-up time controls to ensure employees are busy, but never overwhelmed.
  • New employee/apprentice employee designation to throttle traffic to team members in training.
  • Real time call metrics, analytics, and live call-tracking for administrators.
  • Myriad other potential configurations all designed to cater the fastest, most efficient call experience.

Choosing Between Call Queues and Hunt Groups

Picking the right system for any business between Hunt Groups and Call Queues is made much more simple by first deciding to switch from a legacy phone system to a hosted telephone service. For some businesses like call centers or contact centers, for example, the need for a robust ACD Queueing system is apparent right away. For others, however, once they are operating on a VoIP business phone, they can typically just activate Ring Groups right away as a feature of their VoIP Plan. If the company determines that they still need assistance in routing and balancing their inbound call traffic, they can add ACD Queues at that time.

Now that the differences between Call Queues and Hunt Groups should be clear, you can learn more about how VirtualPBX deploys these technologies, respectively. Or our Sales Team can lead you through a Free Demo of our Business Phone System to show you, live, how these features work.

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