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Call Queue Options

Ring Groups: The Efficient Call Routing Experience

Ring Groups, commonly known also as Hunt Groups, are a lean but effective call queue strategy. Ideal for growing companies, Ring Groups are categorizations that group team members based on their departmental proficiencies and then ring all of their numbers at the same time whenever a call comes in for any particular team or department. This is great for teams that need to give customers clear options when they call in but that also have low enough call volume that they don’t need sophisticated balancing to make sure no one member gets overwhelmed. Ring Groups also come as standard features to all Business Phone Plans, so they often come as a bonus to businesses looking to save money over traditional, on-site PBX systems.

Call Queue

ACD Queues Pro: To Scale Your Business Infinitely

If your business is in need of a more substantial solution for their call center, then ACD Queues Pro is the perfect fit. From focusing on growing your sales, to improving customer service, to simply making sure your calls are answered in a timely fashion, ACD Queues Pro is the ultimate solution when it comes to both scaling and managing your business. With ACD Queues Pro, your call center will benefit from features like:

  • Whisper/Barge
  • Hold Treatment Options
  • Agent Performance and Activity Logs
  • Dynamic Live Monitoring
  • Toggle Call Recording
  • Advanced Agent and Routing Strategy
  • Hot Desking

Choosing the Call Queues Solution That Works For Your Business

For call centers or contact centers, the need for a robust call queue system is critical to the customer experience. The right queue solution can improve the overall efficiency of your business and enhance customer experience. Picking the right call queue system for any business is made much more simple by first deciding to switch from a legacy phone system to a hosted telephone service. Furthermore, a Zippia study showed that cloud based call centers have 27% less downtime. Therefore, the efficiency of your telephone system can make or break your contact center.

Now that the differences between Ring Groups and ACD Queues Pro is clear, you can compare our business phone plans and contact center solutions respectively: 

Let us show you the transformative impact VirtualPBX can have on your contact center efficiency and customer satisfaction with a free demo! We’ll cover Live Dashboards, custom queue options, Call Tagging, and more, followed by a quote for your business.