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VirtualPBX 5 Version 2.0

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VirtualPBX 5 Version 2.0

VirtualPBX 5

Between budgeting, layoffs, and losing those few extra pounds acquired over the holidays, it’s that blue time of year for many people. Unfortunately this article cannot help to solve those woes, but instead my goal is to teleport you to the mystical world of ‘blog-spiration’. Between the tech gadgets hitting the market in 2016, and the Super Bowl next week there is quite a bit to be thankful for right now. So grab a hot cup of joe and get cozy because VirtualPBX 5 version 2.0 is ready to warm your heart.

  1. If James Bond was ever seduced by a non combustion engine, it would be the Bolt M-1.Bolt M-1
  2. The worlds smallest FPV drone allows you to do 360° flips and stream live video. Did we mention it is office friendly?
  3. A new generation, a new infomercial. We introduce you to the ‘minimercial’.
  4. Remember the Circuit City glory days when people would travel from afar to visit the cool gadget paradise? The good news is that you will have a chance to relive the nostalgia soon.
  5. The smallest business ever to run an ad in the Super Bowl is making it’s big debut. *Cue the slow clap

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