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VirtualPBX Blog – Welcome and Hello World

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VirtualPBX Blog – Welcome and Hello World

Hello world.

As the universal phone greeting, hello, and the universally recognized first line of internet texts everywhere, hello world, these are the perfect ways to welcome you to our new blog. Considering that we provide virtual phone systems, it’s somewhat appropriate. The word itself is not just succinct and welcoming, but comfortable. It”s what we hope you feel as you explore our main web site. And it’s what we want to make sure you feel as you read the entries here. Obviously, we want to make sure that you get plenty of useful tips and tricks about our products, but, we hope that you also return on a regular basis to read about interesting trends in telephony (and technology in general); to get useful ideas on small business; to hear the latest perspectives from the desks of our executive team; and, to actively engage in conversations about…well, whatever it is that will help serve your business more appropriately.

So, hello world. Welcome. Thanks for coming. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say about what we have to say.

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