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PBX Parachute Voice Recovery Services

You can set up PBX Parachute Voice Recovery Services as a backup phone system in the event of a telephone system disaster. Recover your phone lines in the blink of an eye as a way to strengthen your business continuity plan or use it as an emergency hotline for employees. You chose the configuration and function of your PBX Parachute and we can help you get started.

PBX Parachute

How Does it Work?

You can also deploy your PBX Parachute manually at anytime should you choose to. Calls into the PBX Parachute service can be routed to alternate phones of any type, in any location – such as cellular, home, branch office, VoIP or other phones. You can protect every extension in your company, or just the most critical functions, and each extension can have its own “follow-me” list of phone numbers, allowing calls to follow your employees to up to four different locations, useful especially if your offices become inaccessible.For automatic failover, you must have Direct Termination Overflow (DTO) or a similar service from your phone carrier. With DTO, calls can be automatically re-routed to an alternate phone number (in this case the number for your PBX Parachute service) in the event that your carrier is unable to reach your primary equipment. US toll-free numbers all include DTO and similar capabilities are offered by most local service providers.

The Call Handling Process:

  1. An incoming call to your main business number is re-directed to PBX Parachute.
  2. Our equipment answers the call, typically playing an automated greeting that allows the caller to select a menu option to get to the person or department they want.
  3. We make an outbound phone call from our system to the alternate phone you specify for the extension selected by the caller.
  4. The extension owner (your employee) receives the call and decides to accept it. Once the call is accepted, we connect the caller to the employee.
  5. If the employee can’t be reached, or decides not to take a call, it is sent to voice mail. Voice messages can be retrieved by phone or web, or can be sent as a .WAV file to an email address.

Get Started with PBX Parachute

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