Dynamic Voicemail Boxes

Route Calls Intelligently: Mail-Only Extensions

You’ve just opened your new Beauty Salon and are the only stylist on for the day and don’t want to distract yourself from your clients while working. No big deal! Dash’s Dynamic Voicemail Boxes is a virtual voicemail system that allows you to set a nice greeting with hours of operation and reservation information before going right into voicemail.

In Dash, virtual voicemail systems can be completely separated from the individual user and placed instead behind a DID, Auto Attendant or Ring Group. This allows limitless options for handling messages when your team can’t get to the phone. Paired with Business and Holiday Hours, callers can be directed to a voicemail with a custom greeting stating hours or other pertinent information. Callers dial-in, hear a message, and the voicemail can be made available to any number of employees as desired. Popular with restaurants that leave hours, specials, and reservation information before directing to voicemail, Dynamic Voicemail Boxes are a creative way to politely engage with callers when you’re too busy to get to the phone.

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