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Call Reports (Beta)

VirtualPBX Reports lets you organize your company data into manageable reports — generated on a schedule or on-demand.

You will have the ability to create multiple workspaces with their own unique reports, information filters, and delivery schedules.

  • Reports: View inbound calls by area code, call duration by talk time, agent performance by calls completed, and much more
  • Filters: Customize your reports by selecting for phone number, answered/abandoned status, and many other criteria
  • Schedules: Deliver reports to you email inbox hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly

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Create Report - VirtualPBX ReportsCall reports are an essential part of monitoring your progress as a business. Let this system help your advertising campaigns by tracking the number of inbound calls by DID number or by phone call location. Through these phone call analytics, you’ll find an instant reflection of which campaigns are working and which aren’t.

Reports act as a type of VoIP monitor by grabbing all the relevant call data that flows through your business.

  • Try time-based call reports to track employee performance and KPIs by showing the duration, hold time, ring time, and talk time of all your conversations.
  • Or use performance-based reports to grab information about department-wide efforts, like the number of lost calls or service level by day and time.

If you use VirtualPBX ACD Queues, you can also generate summaries of the number of calls completed or calls handled by any Queues agent.


Created Filters - VirtualPBX ReportsFilters improve the performance of your reports by allowing you to select for specific criteria.

Take a bulk report and segment it to meet your needs:

  • Filter all calls by inbound or outbound types
  • Dig deeper into department performance by finding repeat call end causes

ACD Queues route calls well. But they’re not measuring devices. With filters, you can see more clearly what is not measured by automatic call distribution systems:

  • Track an individual’s performance by selecting for agent name or number
  • See department KPIs for the day, week, month, or longer by filtering by queue name

Filters can be reused in as many reports as you like. And you can add more than one filter to a report.

Even this is possible: sort by inbound calls handled by a specific queue that originated from a specific area code and had a duration longer than three minutes. It’s that powerful.

Segment Single Agent Performance

Search Logs by Call End Cause

Filter for Inbound and Outbound


Schedules in VirtualPBX Reports make sure you never miss receiving the data your business needs to function.

Email reports can be tailored to your business’s needs.

  • Have monthly reports of overall company performance sent directly to the inboxes of the entire C-suite.
  • Or use email reporting to address the needs of specific teams. Marketing campaign reports can be delivered to all the members of a department.

Fine-grained controls give you reign over the days of week, repetition, and time of day that one or multiple reports are delivered. Customize your own schedule down to the minute.

Schedules - VirtualPBX Reports

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