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ACD Queues

ACD QueuesYour customers know what they want, and that doesn’t include wasting time reaching the right department. ACD Queues (Standard) allow customers to connect with the best people right away and your employees benefit by getting to divide calls evenly.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Queues are a smarter way to manage call traffic to your internal departments. ACD Queues use menus on your main phone number to direct callers by having them use their keypads (ex: press 2 for Sales), and they can even allow certain numbers to ring directly to any particular queue. To get started, sign up for a VirtualPBX Plan today!

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Live Monitoring

Watch calls live as they enter the queue, see who picks up, and how long the call lasts. You can even see who is currently logged in to each queue and how long they’ve been active. Live monitoring from VirtualPBX ensures that you’re never left guessing how well-staffed your queues are or if your customers are waiting too long for assistance. Here’s a peek at what a typical agent would see:

ACD Queues on VirtualPBX Business Phone Plans

ACD Queues Built for Administrators

Whether you’re focused on growing sales or improving your customer service, managing departments comes with a host of challenges. ACD Queues on VirtualPBX makes certain that technical challenges to your phone system will never be one of them. Just like the Dash interface’s simple live monitoring view, administration in ACD Queues is designed to be intuitive and fast. Administers simply create the queues that they need, add agents, drag-and-drop those agents into their respective queues, and even create an Auto Attendant for convenience. Plus, because we understand that your business needs need to be ready to turn on a dime, we’ve added a few failsafe mechanisms to ensure both callers and agents get what they need.

  • Agent Connect Timeout – Sets the length of time a call will wait for an agent to pick up before moving on to the next agent in line.
  • Queue Timeout – Limits the time your caller will wait for an agent before going to a next action, such as an escalation queue or a voicemail box.
  • Escalation Queue – Directs calls to an alternate queue when all agents are busy with calls.
  • Wrap Up Time – Adds a buffer of time after each call so that your users can finish taking any notes or perform necessary follow up steps before receiving another call.

Load Distribution and Easy Agent Controls

Intuitive interfaces and streamlined experiences on ACD Queues won’t stop with your admins, either. You can arrange for agents to use the VoIP phone of their choosing, including desk phones and the popular VirtualPBX Softphone. When they’re ready to start their day, agents simply log into the queue using either the Dash interface or shortcut keys on their VoIP phone. Similarly, agents can easily mark themselves away for lunch, meetings, or any disruption that comes up in basically the exact same way as they logged on. Plus, because their role is restricted to their assigned queues – you pay less for their access than a user with admin access. And to make sure no agent is overwhelmed or underutilized, calls are distributed evenly across agents using one of these four methods:

  • Round Robin – Orders agents into a random list and cycles through that list sequentially.
  • Least Calls – Rings to the agent who has received the least amount of calls (answered + missed).
  • Least Offers – Rings to the agent who has answered the least amount of calls.
  • Most Idle – Rings to the agent who has not answered a call for the longest amount of time.

Get Started with ACD Queues on VirtualPBX

ACD Queues are built to accommodate enterprises who need more visibility and flexibility on the calls their departments receive as well as growing companies that have call volumes that have exceeded their ability to transfer inbound traffic on an individual basis.

ACD Queues (Standard) Versus ACD Queues Pro Pricing

SparkFlexEssentialsAdvancedCustom Plans
ACD Queue
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ACD Queue
(Standard) Agent
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ACD Queue Pro$99.99$99.99Get Quote
ACD Queue Pro
Agent Rate
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With VirtualPBX, you get more than just ACD Queues. Our advanced features and award-winning interface have made VirtualPBX the go-to choice for cloud-hosted business phone systems. Have any questions? Give our Sales Team a call at 888.825.0800 or send them a message using the live chat on this page.

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