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Small Office Phone System

While a lot of attention is paid to large call centers with hundreds of people, virtual small office phone systems that can effectively connect a handful of people are a far more common need in the modern business environment. Rather than just a few phones hooked together, an efficient small office phone system contains separate voicemail, allows conferencing as needed, provides smooth transfer of calls, and in general includes most of the features that would be needed in a multi-thousand-dollar piece of call handling hardware.. But where can you find quality small office phone systems like this on a tight budget?

VirtualPBX Small Office Phone Systems

Starting as low as $10 a month, with the most common system at only 45, VirtualPBX small office PBX phone systems contain every feature that is included with the service provided for clients as large as 500 employees. With the features, quality, and price tag necessary to meet the needs of small offices, VirtualPBX does away with the on-site hardware and handles the calls for their clients offsite.

Full Small Office Phone System Features

When VirtualPBX answers a client’s calls, we do more than just route the call. We include a full virtual receptionist, phone menu, voicemail, conferencing, call reports, management tools, and a host of customization options. Small businesses get more for their money with small office phone systems from VirtualPBX.

Here are some additional terms that describe key VirtualPBX elements and applications:

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