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Sarah’s Serenity Spa is a peaceful place and she keeps Dash playing music on hold from soft jazz legend, Kenny G. Occasionally, she mixes it up with recorded information on her twice annual sale, so Dash lets her toggle through satiny saxophone to door-buster deals with a click of a button.

The On Hold feature for Dash has been updated considerably from its original state. Most notable in the upgrades is that what customers hear while on hold is just as customizable and remotely manageable as all the other functions of the Dash platform. You can upload any pre-recorded content you want just so long as it’s in MP3 or .WAV format and the admins on your system simply use the On-Hold drop down to select what to play. Choosing your favorite music on hold from the VirtualPBX Jukebox, a company jingle, or some holiday-specific tune is always a safe bet, but now you can do so much more. By pre-recording a message by yourself or with the help of SnapRecordings, specific messages can be created and uploaded to push promotions, share success stories, or deliver any other info that you like. Plus, because the power to toggle through the on-hold audio comes from just a few clicks by any admin, you can update what your customers hear at the drop of a hat.

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