Yealink T20-21 Provisioning and Basic Use

  1. Provisioning Your Yealink T20-21
  2. Basic Use

Provisioning Your Yealink T20-21

Once logged in go to Account > Register and make sure the following are set correctly

  • Account Active: Enabled
  • Label: Extension Number
  • Display Name: Extension Number
  • Register Name: SIP Username
  • Username: SIP Username
  • Password: SIP Password
  • SIP Server 1: realm name
  • Click “Confirm” to save
  • PCMU only
  • Click “Confirm” to save
  • Time Zone: Set to correct local Time (-8 for Pacific)
  • Primary Server:
  • Secondary Server:
  • Click “Confirm” to save

Basic Use

There are several functions that the Yealink phones will support in Dash. Some of these are handled by “soft”
buttons others by standard buttons.

  1. Soft button 1, when not on a call Hist. Shows your call history to this device.
  2. Soft button 2, when not on a call. Will bring up your directory if you have entered any on this device.
  3. Soft button 3, when not on a call DND. Turns Do Not Disturb off/on. DND will show up in the top right-hand
    corner if it is enabled.
  4. Soft button 4, when not on a call Menu. Brings up the phone’s menu.
  5. Message light and button. Will turn on if you have a voicemail message. You can press this to go directly to your voicemail box. The system will prompt you for your extension # and PIN.
  6. Headset. Will enable/disable the use of a plugged-in headset.
  7. Tran. This is the Transfer button. Press this and enter the extension you wish to transfer the caller to.
  8. RD. Redial button, will bring up a list of the last calls you placed and you can select the number to call back.
  9. Speakerphone button, change from handset to speakerphone and back.
  10. Up arrow button, for navigating the phone’s menus.
  11. Left arrow button, for navigating the phone’s menus.
  12. Ok button to save or make a change with the phone’s menu options.
  13. Right arrow button, for navigating the phone’s menus.
  14. down arrow button, for navigating the phone’s menus.
  15. x/mute button, the mute the microphone of your phone.
  16. Volume toggle to adjust the volume of your phone’s ringer as well as the output when on a call

On an Incoming Call

  1. Answer, press to answer the incoming call
  2. FWD, forward the call
  3. Silence, turn off the ringer
  4. Reject, rejects the call

During a Call

  1. Tran, Transfer the call
  2. Hold, place the caller on hold
  3. Conf, conference in another person
  4. Cancel, hang up the call