1. Manually Create a Voicemail Box
  2. Setting Up Your Voicemail Box Using a Phone
  3. Retrieving Voicemail Messages
  4. Caller Voicemail Shortcuts
  5. Mailbox is Full
  6. Managing Manually Created Voicemail Boxes

Manually Create a Voicemail Box

  1. From the Dashboard click on Voicemail Boxes
  2. Please note: Users will have a voicemail box automatically associated to them. There is no need to create a voicemail box for an existing user.

  3. Click on Add Voicemail Box
  4. Fill out the Adding a Voicemail Box form.
  5. Please note: Voicemail Box numbers are not extension numbers. Manually created Voicemail Boxes can share a Voicemail Number when used with Groups.

  6. Next click on Advanced and select Greeting Media
  7. This is where you can upload a media file from your computer. First, select Upload, then Browse, and select the media from its location. Once you have chosen the file, click on the green icon to begin the upload. Next, click on Save Changes.

  8. Select a previously uploaded file or upload the appropriate file you would like to use for your Voicemail Box Greeting. Please note that there must be a greeting added to your Voicemail – otherwise an error will occur.

  9. Select “1” for default voicemail greeting or “2” for a temporary or vacation voicemail greeting. If a file is selected here it will supersede the Media file (number 1 above). Once this is set back to None the Media file will play.

  10. To prepare a media file, Dash currently accepts .WAV, .MP3, and .OGG file formats for upload. File size is currently limited to no more than 1 MB, which is approximately a 5 minute MP3 file. Choose the file from your computer, click Update, and then click Save.

    When preparing files for use with Dash please use the following parameters:

    • 16bit
    • Mono
    • MP3
    • 1 MB max file size
    • 54/64k audio quality
  11. You can use a program like Audacity to record a file on your computer.

    If the file you create is too large you can use a tool such as Online Audio Converter to compress the file. This site has a voice recorder option as well.

  12. To upload a file, click the upload button. Next click browse and select the media file from its location on your computer. Click the blue upward arrow icon to begin the upload. When you are finished, click Save Changes.
  13. Next, click on Advanced and select Options. Please make sure to check the box in front of Already Setup.
  14. Next add recipients by clicking on Advanced and select Recipients. Please note, the voicemail box must have a greeting associated with it before you can add recipients.
  15. Recipients allows you to email selected people when the voicemail box gets a message. For User voicemail boxes, the email addresses you add here are in addition to the user’s email address given at signup.
  16. Click on Add New Recipient to enter an email address. Please note that the Voicemail Box must have a greeting associated with it before you can add recipients.

  17. Click on Add. At this point, you may add additional email addresses one by one. Please note: enter only 1 email address at a time. Click Add again to add additional email addresses.
  18. Click on Save Changes when you’re finished.
  19. If you are receiving your voicemails via email, you may delete them from your Voicemail Box after they have been sent. We recommend this to prevent your Voicemail Box from filling up. To do so:
    • Return to the Dashboard
    • Click Edit next to the Voicemail Box you are working on
    • Click Advanced
    • Select Options
    • Check mark the box next to “Already setup?”
    • Check the box next to “Delete after Notification”
    • Click Save

Setting Up Your Voicemail Box Using a Phone

Be sure that Incoming Call Handling is setup with option 1 going to the Virtual Receptionist (default).

  1. Call your main number
  2. Press *97
  3. The system will prompt you to enter your extension number
  4. The system will ask you for your current PIN
  5. The system will prompt you to enter new PIN
  6. Re-enter new PIN
  7. The system will prompt to record a voicemail greeting
  8. Press any key to end recording
  9. Press 1 to save, press 2 to listen, press 3 to re-record
  10. Once saved, the system will say “your mailbox has now been configured”
  11. Press 0 to return to voicemail main menu
  12. Press 5 at the main voicemail menu to change any settings

Retrieving Voicemail Messages

The first time you access your voicemail box, the system will prompt you to set up the voicemail box including setting up a PIN. If Smart PBX Directory is enabled on your account, you will be prompted to state your name after creating a new PIN. This will be played back for confirmation if there is more than one person meeting the criteria for the name search.

You may save or delete voicemails once you are finished with them. Please bear in mind that you can only store up to 100 voicemails before the voicemail box is full. We recommend selecting the option to “Delete after notification” under the Voicemail Box Advanced Options to avoid having a full voicemail box.

From an Auto Provisioned VoIP Phone:

  • Press the Message button on the phone
  • Enter your message box number followed by the # key
  • Enter your password/PIN followed by the # key

From a Cell Phone/Landline:

  • Call into the main number (the main number should be ring to the Virtual Receptionist)
  • Enter *97
  • Enter your message box number followed by the # key
  • Enter your password/PIN followed by the # key

From the Admin Dashboard

Admins may organize and listen to their own Voicemail Boxes as well as manually created Voicemail Boxes by logging in to dash.virtualpbx.com, selecting Voicemails from the dropdown menu on the upper right of the screen, and choosing the Voicemail Box.

From the User Portal:

Note: This is for the default voicemail box created for the user. Manually created voicemail boxes may only be accessed by admins using one of the above methods.

  1. Login to dash.virtualpbx.com – enter your email address, password, and the account name (normally your company name)
  2. Regular users will be taken directly to the User Portal, which show Voicemails, Call History, Faxes, Contact List, and Settings & Devices. Admins will need to click the User Portal link in the dropdown menu located at the top right of the page.
  3. The Voicemail tab shows the status of each voicemail, the date/time it was received, the Caller ID of the inbound caller, the phone number the caller dialed, and the duration of the message.
    On the far right are icons to play back the message as well as to download the message to your computer.
  4. Putting a checkmark next to a message or messages will give you additional options.
  5. As well as the ability to the move message to another voicemail box

  6. Caller Voicemail Shortcuts

    • If a caller wishes to bypass the voicemail greeting to leave their message they may do so by pressing the # key. A beep will prompt the caller to begin their message.
    • During the voicemail greeting and before the beep, the caller may press 0 to return to the main menu.
    • Pressing * will prompt the caller to enter in the voicemail box password.

    Mailbox is Full

    Dash voicemail boxes have a limit of 100 messages. Once they hit that limit, inbound callers will NOT be able to leave a message and will hear a message saying that the mailbox is full.

    To prevent this from happening, we recommend adjusting the voicemail box settings to delete messages after notification. After the system sends you an email with the voicemail message, the system will automatically remove the messages from the voicemail box.

    1. Start by clicking on Voicemail boxes.
    2. Click on the wrench icon next to the voicemail box you wish to adjust.
    3. In the popup window, click on Advanced.
    4. Select Options.
    5. Scroll down until you see Delete after Notification?
    6. Click on the box in front of Delete after Notification? Then click on Save Changes
    7. In the case where the voicemail box is already full, you will need to access your User Portal to delete the voicemails. By default, logging into the User Portal (or switch to the User Portal for an Admin) will bring you to the Voicemails page.
    8. Click on the message or messages that you wish to delete.
    9. You will then have three options, Mark as New, Mark as Listened and Mark as Deleted. Select Mark as Deleted.
    10. Refresh the page and the Mark as Deleted messages should now be removed.

    Managing Manually Created Voicemail Boxes

    Admins can manage manually created voicemail boxes using the web UI or over the phone.

    1. Start by accessing Voicemails from the hamburger menu.
    2. Select the voicemail box you wish to work with.
    3. You will then see the voicemails currently in that voicemail box.
    4. Click on the box in front the message or message you wish to work with and you will get additional options. Mark as Deleted will remove messages. After selecting this refresh the page to complete the removal of the messages.
    5. As an admin you can also move messages from one voicemail box to another. Simply select the voicemail box you want to move the message to.
    6. You can switch between voicemail boxes by selecting the box you want to work with from the pull-down menu.

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