Unlocking VoIP Phones

VirtualPBX uses a security feature that protects your phones before they are provisioned on your account. Unlocking a VoIP phones, as shown in this support guide, gives you a 24-hour period to add the phone to your VirtualPBX account.

Unlocking a VoIP Phone

  1. Often, a phone’s display will say “No Service” before it has been unlocked.
  2. To unlock a phone before provisioning it to your account, find the Devices option in the main menu of your Dashboard.
  3. Click the wrench icon of the VoIP phone you want to unlock.
  4. Select the Advanced drop-down menu and the Miscellaneous option.
  5. Click the Unlock button, and Save your changes. This will grant you 24 hours in which you can now add the phone to your account.
  6. You may still need to factory reset your phone and reprovision it once the previous steps have been completed. The following Support docs can help with those processes: