SMS for Main Number or Auto Attendants

This guide will help you add SMS capability to your Main Business Number and the Auto Attendants used in your phone plan.

NOTE: In order to make use of SMS for your Main number or Auto-attendants your account, you must have either Zapier Integration or Webhooks enabled. These are plan-specific features. Please contact our Account Services team to verify if your account has this feature or to switch plans to add these features.

If you wish to simply have SMS on a user please read the guide located here.

  1. Enable SMS on Main Number or Auto Attendant
  2. Configuring Webhooks for SMS
  3. Developer Resources

Enable SMS on Main Number or Auto Attendant

  1. Enable Messaging on the desired Phone Number.
    • On the Main Number or Auto Attendant pages found from your VirtualPBX Dashboard, click on the gear icon next to the phone number, and select the Messaging option.
    • Click to enable SMS Services. Save your changes.

Configuring Webhooks and VirtualPBX API for SMS

  1. You can receive information about SMS messages sent to your accout by configuring a Webhook. Our guide for using Webhooks will get you started. The resulting Webhook configuration should look something like the following images:

  2. Our VirtualPBX API docs will be helpful for sending messages through custom code:

Developer Resources

  1. The following developer resources will be helpful in integrating SMS with third-party applications: