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Dash Business Phone System Interface

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Adding a VirtualPBX Softphone to a User

Adding a Softphone to a User VideoThe video here will walk you through the necessary steps adding a Softphone to a user on your Dash account. We have also provided steps and screenshots, for your reference.

Adding a VirtualPBX Softphone is easy for administrators in Dash. Administrators can create VirtualPBX Softphone credentials for their users directly in their Dash account.

Please be aware that you may only have one VirtualPBX Softphone per user/email address.

  1. Start by creating a new device, under the user’s device box.
    Adding a VirtualPBX Softphone
  2. Select Soft Phone
    Adding a VirtualPBX Softphone
  3. Click on the Use 3rd Party Application to change it to use VirtualPBX Application. Click Create Device. Click on the device again (or the wrench icon).
    Adding a VirtualPBX Softphone
  4. Enter a name for the device. Click Save Changes.
    Adding a VirtualPBX Softphone
  5. Click on Configuration to get links to the appropriate mobile app store for your free download. Alternatively, you may choose to purchase the VirtualPBX Softphone for Desktop on our online store.
    Adding a VirtualPBX Softphone
  6. Always remember to click on Save Changes. The system will now email you your login credentials for the VirtualPBX Softphone.
  7. Adding a VirtualPBX Softphone

  8. To reset your softphone password, click on the device name or the wrench icon. Click on Reset Password.Adding a VirtualPBX Softphone
  9. Click on Close. Click on Save Changes. The system will email you your new password.Adding a VirtualPBX Softphone