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VirtualPBX Whitepapers

Businesses rely on data-driven guidance to spot trends and determine their paths to success.

As a veteran in the business hosted communications industry, VirtualPBX can recognize those trends and help lead enterprises in the right directions.

Our insights are available in the following collection of whitepapers, which are all available for download. Have questions after reading these whitepapers? We’d love to help!

VoIP Business Phone Systems Whitepaper

Global VoIP market revenue reached $4.3 billion in 2018. It’s expected to rise to $13.4 billion by 2025! Businesses are flocking to VoIP phone systems for its ease of setup and low initial investment.

VirtualPBX brings its Business Phone System to the table with a host of included features. Learn more in our VoIP Business Phone Systems Whitepaper about how you can gain Conferencing, Call Recording, Unlimited VoIP Minutes, and more on your desktop and mobile devices.

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SIP Trunking Whitepaper

SIP Trunking lets you keep your on-site PBX hardware, ditch your expensive PRI lines, and gain the advantages of a cloud-based phone service.

Read our SIP Trunking Whitepaper to learn how the session initiation protocol (SIP) can help your enterprise save money and more easily manage its phone numbers.

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Custom Voice Solutions Whitepaper

Understanding the fundamental interests that go behind motivating businesses to create customized communications solutions is more than recognizing that one size does not fit all. The VirtualPBX Custom Voice Solutions Whitepaper is a thorough examination of the multitude of factors that go into designing modern business communications, and what the challenges are for acquiring, implementing, and maintaining truly bespoke solutions that work.

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VoIP Remediation Whitepaper

The telecommunications industry has only one brand-agnostic VoIP remediation service, and VirtualPBX is the only company that can perform it. VPN for VoIP is the one service that every hosted communications service user can use, regardless of who their telecom provider is. This whitepaper is a comprehensive review of the huge amount of variables that can impact VoIP quality and still stay undetected by many telecom providers. Most importantly, the VPN for VoIP Whitepaper is the jumping-off point for businesses that experience issues with their sound quality and can’t get ample resolution from their current provider.

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