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Voice Over IP Service

A Brief Overview of VoIP and How VirtualPBX Can Help!

Trying to understand how VoIP works can be a little difficult. For now, take a look at this brief overview of VoIP and the different features that a Voice over IP service plan with VirtualPBX can help!

What Does Voice Over IP (VoIP) Do?

VoIP, or Voice over IP, stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. That may sound a little complicated, but what that means is it is a set of rules and methods to send phone calls over the internet.

A Voice over IP service is therefore mainly a technology that handles voice calls, fax transmissions and similar activities.

Not only can this save you money considering all your phone calls are now being placed over the internet you already use, but signing up with a company like us, you will be given the opportunity to enjoy a suite of other features that come with our VoIP service.

Benefits to Using VoIP

Between the convenience of being connected wherever your office may be – at home, on site, or traveling across the country – to an easy-to-use interface, to scaling your business as quickly as you like, it just makes sense to switch to VoIP. But, if we haven’t convinced you yet, here are just a few more benefits.

  • Device Compatibility: With the VirtualPBX Web Phone, you can literally turn any device with a web browser into a fully featured VoIP phone!
  • Integrate With the Cloud: With VirtualPBX, you can enjoy integrating some of your most important business tools, such as Zapier and your CRM software.
  • Use Our Free Web Phone or Forward Calls: Use our free VirtualPBX Web Phone or, when you are out of the office, have all your calls forwarded to always stay in touch.
  • Save Money: We do the maintenance, upgrades, and enhancements at no cost to you. Why spend thousands of dollars up-front for PBX equipment? With a VirtualPBX Phone Plan, you save money and enjoy a suite of features like the ones mentioned above.

Get Started With the Best in Business Communication

VirtualPBX hosted business telephone service doesn’t just add a tool into your business toolbox, it actually enhances your ability to conduct business. We completely integrate your various devices and phones into your communications ecosystem. By delivering more than a mere marriage of service to any given device, we empower you with even more functionality out of your phone service and devices so that the sum of the parts is truly greater than the whole. Where will your work take you when you’re no longer tethered to the cords coming out of the wall? Find out now by linking your business to the devices that you want, not the ones you’ve been told you need to use.

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