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Notifications & Analytics Solutions

Get instant notifications and analytics solutions from important call activity and log events in your reports and dashboards.

With the VirtualPBX and Zapier integration, you’ll know when an incoming call is from a new customer, a current customer, or a VIP. You’ll also know if the caller has called before, how often they’ve called, and whether they’ve been redirected to an agent. You’ll also be able to see when a call was connected and when it ended, along with the duration of each call.

analytics solutions

VirtualPBX Offers Advanced Functionality and Performance

VirtualPBX is constantly on the brink of offering the best in VoIP emerging technologies to ensure your business is running better than ever. VirtualPBX customers can enjoy capabilities such as:

Simplified Team Management

Streamline your business management with features like Advanced Call Recording to monitor team activity and get detailed reports to provide the best customer experience possible.

Device Compatibility

We offer loads of different ways to connect your phone with VirtualPBX – use our Web Phone, desk phones, conference phones, the VirtualPBX Softphone App, or forward calls to a mobile phone or existing landline.

Business Texting

Use this app by itself or in conjunction with the browser version so you can work across devices without skipping a beat. The VirtualText App brings the ease, convenience, and increased engagement of texting into your business.

Improved Number Management

VirtualPBX is directly integrated with top-tier carriers to provide instant access to millions of numbers throughout the US. You can search for numbers in the Dashboard and, within minutes, have a new number active on your system.


Need Help With Getting Started?

Building our phone system took all of the experience from our nearly twenty years of history, lessons, and customer input to deliver the best call performance and usability.

Expanded compatibility with VoIP phone models, virtually universal device compatibility, ease of configuration, and general use for users and admins, all with the most robust feature set in the industry, makes VirtualPBX the clear choice for any business. Plus, with over 99.99% reliable operational uptime and crystal clear HD call quality.

We’re happy to offer you the latest in business communications tools, and we want to make sure that any questions or concerns you may have are answered. 

We would also love the chance to let you see for yourself just how simple the VirtualPBX user interface is.