Voicemail Systems

Voicemail systems can be as simple as an answering machine or as complex as processing messages for an entire building full of people. Any type of business needs more than just a single mailbox answered on a single desk – even a business of one needs to keep personal and professional calls separate. The larger a business gets the more robust its voicemail systems need to be.

Virtual Voicemail

VirtualPBX provides a full-featured virtual voicemail system for business phones – a way for calls coming in on a business phone number to be connected to offsite hardware that can process, accept, store, and send voicemails. With virtual voicemail, clients can connect to their messages from any phone, device or computer and even have the option to send their voicemail to one or more email addresses. Our virtual voicemail boxes have unlimited space, and each one can be customized with an individual greeting.

The Virtual Voicemail System with More

VirtualPBX provides not just a virtual voicemail system for business, but also a full suite of other phone communication features. From a personalized greeting that welcomes anyone who calls their business, to the ability to transfer calls to another phone or person mid-conversation, clients of VirtualPBX get the kind of benefits that would take hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy the hardware for a package that costs as little as $10 per month. By getting our leading virtual voicemail system, customers can get everything they want and more, without having to spend more.

Here are some additional terms that describe key VirtualPBX elements and applications: