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VirtualPBX Office Plans

best for companies that:

  • Have typical business traffic
  • Want a full phone solution, not just inbound routing
  • Need unlimited minutes


  • Lowest cost for most companies
  • Unlimited minutes for inbound and outbound calls*
  • A complete phone system providing both inbound and outbound calling
  • Prices start at just $19.99 per month per VoIP line
  • Unlimited use VoIP lines replace traditional business phone lines, at a fraction of the cost, sending calls to VoIP phones
  • Take calls on VoIP phones or auto-forward to
    any other phones

VirtualPBX Anywhere Plans*

best for companies that:

  • Have light phone traffic
  • Want to route inbound calls to existing phones
  • Need a low cost per minute used


  • Lowest cost when phone traffic is light
  • Select a plan and pay only for the minutes you need
  • Great for businesses that want to route calls to existing cell phones and land lines
  • Prices start at just $9.99 per month
  • Add metered VoIP phones for $4.99 per VoIP line per month, allowing you to make and receive calls on
    a VoIP phone
  • Take calls anywhere, on any phone

*Unlimited minutes are for calls to the continental US and Canada and are subject to our Terms of Use
**Anywhere Plan minutes are shared between local, toll-free, and outbound


The Complete Socially Connected Business Phone Solution

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