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VirtualPBX Reports- Part 1, Incoming Call Report

Knowing the trends in your caller traffic is important in making informed, timely business decisions. With Virtual PBX’s 16 real-time web-based reports you can analyze your call traffic in numerous ways. All reports can be exported as a CSV into your preferred spreadsheet or as XML into your customer relationship management (CRM) database. You can also run multiple report results simultaneously. So what are the various reports and how can you use them to best benefit your company?

The first report available to you is the Extension Incoming Call Report. This report will help you to gauge your extension owner’s productivity by showing how many calls they took for a certain time period. This report also shows you the call duration, if the call connected, went to voicemail, or was abandoned. With this report you can also better plan your staffing requirements throughout each day more effectively.

The next report, the Extension Call Summary Report, gives a basic overview of how many calls were taken by each extension. It will show the total amount of calls per extension and break down the amount of calls connected, going to voicemail, voicemail abandoned and abandoned.

You can also keep track of how your ACD Queues and the agents in those queues are performing with the Queue Call Summary Report. For each ACD queue, this report will show you the overall number of calls offered to the queue, number of calls actually answered, number of calls that ended up going to voicemail, as well as the number of calls that were abandoned – in other words, the caller hung up before they were successfully answer by an agent.

If you want to make sure you have the right amount of queue coverage during certain times of the day, the Call arrival Pattern Report is perfect for you. This report will clearly show you peaks and valleys in call traffic. You can select the report start and end dates, time increments (15 min, 30 min, or 1 hour), select which ACD queues, as well as which Virtual PBX phone numbers. You can even export this report to a bar chart for easier reading.

Just using the above four reports could vastly improve the success of your business. Imagine what you could accomplish with all 16 real-time reports in your hands! Be sure to read our next blog post to find out more about how the Virtual PBX reports can streamline your business.

Here’s how a Small Business Prepares for Summer

Spring is over and summer has finally arrived. People are turning off their computers and heading out for fun in the sun. Unfortunately, your business can’t close for the summer, but there is no reason why your business can’t have an enjoyable, successful summer season. So what are you going to do to prepare your business for summer?

Take a worry free vacation

It can be very stressful for business owners to be away from the office on vacation. Worrying about missing an important call or losing potential customers can keep you from enjoying a much needed relaxing vacation. With VirtualPBX, your vacations can always be stress-free.

By setting up VirtualPBX’s “follow me calling” feature, extension owners can create a list of phone numbers where they will be available, such as the number of a hotel line, their vacation home, or cell phone. With follow-me from VirtualPBX, you never have to miss an important call because you’re on vacation. We can reach you any place there is a phone.

Work outside and enjoy the long summer days

This is another great way you can use VirtualPBX’s “follow me calling” feature. Work from a park, your backyard, the beach or anywhere you want to soak up some rays.

Let voicemail screen your calls

When you are on vacation or enjoying the summer with family, allow yourself to return only those calls that are truly important or emergencies. With every VirtualPBX extension, you can listen to callers as they leave you a voicemail message. If you need to take the call, simply press the ‘#’ key to interrupt the caller and start talking live.

Check your voicemail via email

You can even have your messages routed to your email as .wav files so you can listen to them from your computer. Or if you prefer, messages are also available through our VirtualPBX browser-based web portal. All you need are headphones or speakers. In fact, the number of variations you can make to your overall Business Voicemail strategy is almost endless when you use a cloud-based phone system from VirtualPBX.

Promote a summer sale or Event

Use VirtualPBX to promote a summer sale by using our Online Greeting Manager to upload a new auto-attendant greeting. You can upload your own, record by phone, or order them through the VirtualPBX studios.

Change your Summer Hours

Maybe you’ve increased or decreased your hours for summer. Use the Day/Night mode settings in your VirtualPBX to play a day mode greeting and a night mode greeting, adjusting the hours per day that you are open. During night mode, you can send all calls to voicemail so you can enjoy a quiet evening!

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