VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone User Guide

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Making a Phone Call

  1. To call a contact, start by clicking on the person icon shown below. This will bring up a list of current contacts in the softphone.
  2. You may also search for a contact by typing in their name.
  3. To place the call you may either double click on the contact or click on the phone icon to the right of the contact’s name.
  4. You are now calling the contact.
  5. The display will look similar to the below image once the call has been connected.
  6. The display will look similar to the below image once the call has ended.
  7. You may also dial the number you wish to call using the dial pad. Click the phone icon on the bottom of your softphone, and either type the number or use the dial pad to make your selection. Click on the phone icon next to the number you have dialed when you are ready to place your call.


This dialpad works just like any phone’s dialpad. Beyond dialing phone numbers or extensions, you can also use it to enter feature codes, like *20 to log into a queue. Check out our Feature Codes Guide for a full list of available feature codes.

VirtualPBX Softphone for Desktop Dialpad

Putting a Caller on Hold

  1. Click the pause icon to place a call on hold.
  2. Press the play icon to resume the call.

Transferring a Call

  1. Click on the transfer icon to initiate a transfer.
  2. Enter the phone number or extension number you wish to transfer to and click on Transfer Now.
  3. To cancel a transfer and return to the caller click on the X.

Warm Transferring a Call

A warm/attended transfer allows the person who is transferring a call to another party to speak to that party before connecting that call.

  1. During a call you’ll see the option to “Transfer now” and to the right a field to enter in an extension number or phone number.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of “Transfer Now” and select “Call First” – you will now be placed in contact with the number entered in the field. At this point you’ll be talking to the person you wish to transfer the call to.
  3. Once you are ready to send your caller to their transfer destination, click “Transfer Now.” The call will now be transferred and you will be disconnected.

Conference Calling

There are 2 options to have a conference call in the VirtualPBX Desktop Softphone. You may merge calls or simply invite someone to join you.

  • Merge Calls
    1. To merge 2 calls, enter the name/phone number you wish to add to your established call.
    2. You will see the 2 calls – one on hold and one established. Click on the 3 dots icon on the established call and click on Merge Calls from the menu.
  • Invite to Conference Call
    1. Click on the 3 dot icon next to your established call and click Invite to Conference Call.
    2. Enter the phone number or extension of the person you wish to add and click Add.
    3. Once in a conference you can separate or end calls with individual users by clicking on the 3 dot icon next to their name and selecting Separate or End Call.
    4. You may also end the call with all participants by simply clicking in the red phone icon.