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Yealink T4XX Series Third Party Setup Guide (vConsole)

Adding Softphone credentials to your VirtualPBX vConsole account allows you to:

  • Quickly add a 3rd party VoIP phone to your system
  • Use a softphone application on your laptop or mobile device

Softphones are billed based on your current service plan. You can check your current plan information in the billing portal.

Softphone credentials may be used on more than one device. For example, both your laptop and mobile phone can be used. Please note that the same credentials cannot be used simultaneously, i.e. only one device can be on at a time, others must be off.

  1. Login to your VirtualPBX account as an admin.
  2. Click on the Admin tab.
  3. Click on the VoIP Phones menu option.
  4. Click on Add Softphone.
  5. Click on Add 3rd Party Softphone.
  6. Please read the pop up window. This notification lets you know that this may increase your monthly bill. Click I understand to agree and continue.
  7. Record the username, password, and server. Click Manage Softphone to continue.
  8. Click on Assign across from Owner Extension.
  9. Choose the extension you wish to assign the Softphone to. Click Update.
  10. Click Back.
  11. Change the Status to Enabled and click Update. If you are using this for a 3rd party physical desk phone, please click on Assign Address to assign the e911 Address for the phone.
  12. Click on Extensions.
  13. Click Edit next to the extension that you assigned the softphone to. If you assigned the Softphone to your own extension, click on Call Routing.
  14. In the new window, click on Manage next to the Softphone.
  15. Click Insert into Call Routing.
  16. You will now want to login to the phone’s web user interface to complete the provisioning of your phone. To Access the Phone’s Web interface, Tap Menu on the phone.
  17. Tap Status.
  18. Under General, the IP Address will be listed next to IPv4.
  19. Go to a computer on the same local network as the phone. Using your computer’s Web Browser, enter the IP address you found on the device.
  20. On the login page, enter:

    Username: admin

    Password: admin
  21. Next you will begin programming the phone. Click on the Account Tab (top) Register (left).
  22. On the Account Tab, Fill in the following:
    Label / Display name: Enter the VirtualPBX extension number or VoIP phone name
    Register Name: The SIP URI of the softphone found in the Vconsole
    Password: The password for the softphone found in the Vconsole
    NAT: change to STUN
  23. Click Confirm – phone may reboot.
  24. Click on the Network Tab (top) Advanced (left).
  25. Set NAT as following:
    Active: Enabled
    STUN Server: change to
    PLEASE NOTE: Some versions may have these options under Account Tab above SIP Server settings.
  26. Click Confirm – phone may reboot.
  27. Click on Account (top) Codecs section (left). Move G722, PCMU and G729 to the Enable Codecs section. Codecs are used in order starting from the top.
  28. Click Confirm – phone may reboot.

You have now successfully added your Yealink phone to your VirtualPBX account. You may dial 123123 from the phone to test the registration status.