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Voicemail Greetings on Extensions

There are two ways vConsole customers can set up voicemail greetings for extensions. The first is self service and can be done by all extension owners by logging into their extension over the phone. The second method can only be done by a system administrator by uploading your files directly into the Greetings tab and sending VirtualPBX Support an email requesting which file name needs to be assigned to which extension as its voicemail greeting. The second method is best for companies with many extensions that need to be updated with a uniform message.

Update Extension Voicemail Greetings Over the Phone

  1. Log into your extension over the phone
    • Dial your VirtualPBX phone number that rings to the Auto-Attendant (default). If your phone number does not ring to an Auto Attendant (ie:DID to extension, ACD Queue, etc.) as soon as your call is connected (when you hear greeting or ring tone) press # immediately. This will stop the call from transferring and you will hear the system prompt.
    • When your main menu greeting begins to play, press # immediately and follow the instructions
    • System will prompt you to enter your extension number, then press #
    • Then to enter your phone password, then press #
  2. If this is your first time logging into your extension by phone, after successful login, the system will automatically prompt you to record extension name and voicemail greeting. If this is not your first time logging in to your extension by phone, you will need to navigate through the phone menu options as outlined below.
  3. System Administrators have many more options available by phone and the system will offer the choice to login as a standard Extension Owner or as a System Administrator. Choose 1 for Extension Owner.
  4. Record Extension Name. Once you are logged into your extension over the phone:
    • Press 2 for Phone Extension
    • Press 4 for Personal Options for the Extension
    • Press 2 to Record Extension Owner’s Name (follow instructions)
  5. Record Extension Voicemail Greeting. Once you are logged into your extension over the phone:
    • Press 2 for Phone Extension
    • Press 4 for Personal Options for the Extension
    • Press 3 to Record Extension Voicemail Greeting (follow instructions)

Upload Greetings and Send a Request to VirtualPBX Support

If you would like to record all of your extension voicemail greetings at once, you can record them using the Greetings tab just as you would for the main greetings. Once they are uploaded, send an email to [email protected] and ask that they assign the particular recordings in the Greetings tab to particular extensions. Please be aware that it can take up to 1-2 business days to complete.