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Dash Business Phone System Interface

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Phone Directory

Using the Phone Directory

out-bound dialing by name with the phone directory

One on the most convenient features of the Virtual PBX® is the phone directory. It is a list of frequently called persons and their phone numbers. To perform out-bound dialing using the phone directory, the system administrator must first have given out-bound dialing privileges to the extension.

If this is the case, out-bound dialing by name is done by dialing: #[Extension]#[Password]#32

(System administrators must dial a 1 before the 32 act as an extension owner.) At this point simply spell the name of the person; and once the system recognizes the name, press # to dial his number. The meaning of the string 32 is: 3, Perform out-bound dialing and 2, Dial a number using the phone directory.

It is possible to cancel a call after it has been dialed or to make multiple out-bound calls without having to reenter the system each time. Simply dial * at any time to force a hang-up on the outbound line and return to the out- bound dialing menu.

out-bound dialing using the phone number directly

This time dial: #[Extension]#[Password]#31

The system then prompts for a phone number which will be dialed. Dialing with the phone number requires 11-digit dialing, i.e. dial a 1 followed by the area code and the number. Again, dialing * will hang up the out-bound line and return to the dialing menu.

If instead 31 after the password, 33 is dialed; another extension in the Virtual PBX® may be dialed. In this case dialing * goes directly to the extension’s voice mail rather than returning to the dialing menu. However it is possible to get back to the dialing menu after leaving a voice message. Normally after speaking a message simply hanging up will send the message. Another option, however, is to wait; and at the end of the message the system will prompt with various menu items. One of these options is dial a 2 to send the message. After the message has been sent the system will automatically return to the dialing menu, and other out-bound numbers may be dialed.

review or edit the phone directory

To create a new entry in the phone directory dial: #[Extension]#[Password]#2131

(System administrators must dial a 1 before the 2 act as an extension owner.). At this point the menu will prompt you to spell the name of the new entry and to enter his or her phone number. After the name and phone number have been successfully entered, the system will prompt you to accept the entry or to repeat it. After the new entry is successfully complete, the extension owner may simply hang up or press a series of * to go backwards in the menu tree.

The *’s would be used for example to return to the point where the new entry could actually be dialed. Also pressing *’s until the system says “Good bye” and then hanging up (while not absolutely necessary) provides a slightly cleaner exit from the system. The meaning of the string 2131 is: 2, Access phone extensions; 1, Access phone numbers; 3, Review or edit the phone directory; and 1, Create a new phone directory entry.