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Traveling Internationally and Receiving Calls

Even though VirtualPBX is based in the U.S., your virtual PBX can send and receive calls globally. If your business is working internationally, here’s how to get your virtual PBX to do the same.

First, you need to pick the right kind of phone number. While we don’t currently offer numbers outside the U.S., a local U.S. number is better than toll-free if you expect calls from around the world as some countries cannot call U.S. toll-free numbers, and others add extra charges to every call. Get a local number instead, and you’ll be saving yourself a lot of unexpected extra charges and taxes from foreign countries

After that, you’ll also need to set your account for international service. Normally, we restrict international calls to and from our numbers in order to prevent unexpected costs. VirtualPBX will change a setting to allow calls into your VirtualPBX system from around the world. This is a free change. However, in order to have VirtualPBX dial out to employee’s international numbers, you will need to have VirtualPBX enable international outbound dialing. To do this, you will be required to place an international dialing deposit on your account and must provide a current government-issued photo ID with an address that matches the billing address of the credit card on file. If you want to work outside the U.S., please send an email to [email protected] in order to have the necessary changes made.

Once those changes have been made, there’s a few more things you can do to help keep costs down and appearances up.

Look Local if Your Callers Are in Another Country

While we don’t offer non-U.S. numbers, if you want to maintain a local appearance for callers in your country of choice, you can get a number local to that country and forward calls to us. An easy way to do this is use a VoIP service that will provide a local number to your country of choice, then forward that to your VirtualPBX phone number.

Use VoIP if Your Agents Are in Another Country

If we dial to an international number, you’ll have to pay the increased fee for that country. However, if we call a local U.S. number that can reach you elsewhere, there’s no additional charge. The most common use of this is routing your calls over the internet, using VOIP phones in other countries that have U.S. phone numbers. Customers call your business line, get routed through us, and sent to that number all at no extra cost.

Add Temporary Numbers if You’re Briefly in Another Country

If you’re only staying in another country for a short time, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you receive cell phone service in that area. You can use the phones there to conduct business by just adding those numbers to your extension, then removing them when you’re done.

Making Your Outbound Calls Easier While in Another Country

You can log into your extension via the VirtualPBX web interface, vConsole, and use the web ‘Callback’ feature found on your Call Routing tab in order to have your account dial to a phone in the location you’re at, and then you can use the VirtualPBX “Virtual Calling Card” feature to place calls back to the U.S. at no extra cost. This helps keep costs down in case there’s a large charge for outbound calls from your current location.