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FAQs: Users and Admins

The following is a listing of some of the more common questions that vConsole users have asked about VirtualPBX, including user questions and admin questions. If you don’t find your answer here, please contact us by calling 888-825-0800, chatting online, or sending us an email at [email protected], we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

For help getting started, you can also get answers in our Basic User and Basic Admin Training video tutorials or sign up for the live, weekly Advanced Admin Training

General Questions

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Users and Admins

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  • How do I login to my extension using my VirtualPBX number?
  • How do I login to my extension through the web?
  • How do I record my personal voicemail greeting?
  • How do I record my extension owner name?
  • How do I change my phone password?
  • How do I change my web password?
  • Can my phone and web password be the same?

Message Center: Voicemail Messages and Notifications

Features: Follow-Me Calling, ACD Queue

  • How do I enable follow-me calling?
  • How do I configure which phone numbers are used by follow-me calling?
  • Why do I receive an error when I try to enter a phone number?
  • What is Direct Connect and when should I use it?
  • How do I make myself available/unavailable to an ACD queue?
  • How do I stop calls from coming to me when I’m not available?
  • Calls: Accept, Transfer, Supervised, Conference

  • How do I block calls from certain numbers?
  • How do I transfer a call to another extension?
  • How do I perform a supervised call transfer?
  • How do I setup a conference call?
  • How do I login to a conference call?
  • My VirtualPBX is reporting an error after I attempt an operation; How do I report this problem?
  • Why can’t I dial a VirtualPBX toll-free phone number from my Vonage phone?