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Dash Business Phone System Interface

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Create VirtualPBX Softphone Credentials (vConsole)

  1. Start by logging into the vConsole as an administrator. Click on the Admin tab and select VoIP Phones from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on Add Softphone.
  3. Choose Add VPBX Softphone.
  4. A pop up window will open with additional information. Namely that adding a softphone can increase your bill by $4.99/month and may include a per minute charge. This is all subject to the plan you are currently on. Click I understand if you wish to proceed. Click cancel to stop the process.
  5. Click on Manage Softphone.
  6. Click on Assign.
  7. Select the Extension you wish to have the VirtualPBX Softphone on. Then click Update.
  8. Click Back.
  9. Change the Status to Enabled and click Update.
  10. Click on Extensions.
  11. Click edit next to the extension that you assigned the VirtualPBX Softphone to.
  12. A new window will open showing the extension’s Call Routing Tab. Click on Manage next to the softphone.
  13. Choose or create a username and password. These are your login credentials to the VirtualPBX Softphone App. When you are finished click Update. Please wait 5-10 minutes before trying to use these credentials.
  14. Click insert into Call Routing.
  15. You are finished, your VirtualPBX Softphone is now set up.

vConsoleAre You Still Using the Classic vConsole Interface?

If your vConsole interface looks like the image on the right, you are still using our classic interface and may want to refer to this guide on Creating VirtualPBX Softphone Credentials with screenshots that reflect your experience. You may also upgrade to the new interface for free at anytime! Simply login to your vConsole account and click on the banner at the top of the screen to continue.