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Greetings: Create/Upload Auto Attendant Greetings (vConsole)

These instructions are for Auto Attendant Greetings only.

If you would like to upload custom hold music, please send your file in 16-bit PCM Mono Audio format with a maximum file size of 10 MB, to [email protected] specifying where you would like your hold music placed (Auto Attendant or a specific ACD Queue).

For help recording a voicemail greeting, refer to our vConsole Cheat-Sheet.

To create an Auto Attendant Greeting (the greeting callers first hear when calling in) log into your vConsole as an Admin and click on the Greetings tab in the top left. From here, you have 3 options:

  1. Upload an existing audio file
  2. Record By Phone
  3. Order a greeting (includes providing a script for the synthesized, standard, or professional voice talent to read)

Upload an Existing Greeting

This option is for those who have their own files to upload. These uploaded files must be 16-bit PCM Mono Audio channel under 10MB in size.

  1. Click Upload Greeting.
  2. Select a greeting name of your choice.
  3. Click Choose File and upload the file you’ve set to the correct format.
  4. Review the Terms and Conditions, and if you accept, checkmark the box on the same line and click Upload.

Record Greeting by Phone

  1. Click on the gray Record By Phone tab.
  2. Specify what you would like your greeting name to be. You will need to reference this later, so make sure the name is unique and memorable.
  3. Choose how the automated system will contact you to begin the recording process. You may either have the system dial you through your extension (at whatever contact information is stored in your extension) or dial you at a number you input. For example, you may select “at this number” and enter your cell phone number if you would like the automated system to call you on your cell phone.
  4. Click Call Me Now.
  5. When the automated system contacts you and you complete the process, this screen will ask you to save the greeting. If you are satisfied with your greeting, save it here.

Order a Greeting

Order a Synthesized Greeting

  1. Select the Synthesized radio button and then explore the voices you would like to play. Create a greeting name and input the greeting you would like read.
  2. To preview your greeting before finalizing, click Synthesized Preview. This feature is best used in a browser other than Google Chrome.
  3. Click Accept.

Order a Standard Greeting

  1. Standard greetings cost $25 for every block of 75 words (rounded up). Click the Standard radio button and select the voice gender of your choice.
    1. Specify the name of the greeting and type the script you would like the voice actor to read. You may specify pronunciations in the box at the bottom of your screen.
    2. Click Next.

    Order a Professional Greeting

    VirtualPBX has partnered with Snap Recordings to provide a huge library of voice talent at a discounted rate to our valued customers. With Snap Recordings you can preview over 80 available voice talent professionals in English (American, Australian, British, and Canadian) and Spanish (Unspecified, Latin, and Castilian) as well as listen to greeting examples from a variety of industries.

    Recording packages are as follows:

    • Single Message/Greeting: $50 for 75 words or less.
    • Multiple Messages/Greetings: $100 for the first 150 words, $50 for every 75 words thereafter.
    • On-Hold Packages: $135-$340 for 200-800 words plus music.

    New greetings will show up under View by Name and View by Phone for your to Assign.

    Assigning a Greeting

    1. To assign a greeting click on the Assign link.
    2. Click on the check boxes next to the phone numbers that you want to assign your greeting to. You may assign a greeting to multiple phone numbers if you wish.
    3. Click Update to save.

    vConsoleAre You Still Using the Classic vConsole Interface?

    If your vConsole interface looks like the image on the right, you are still using our classic interface and may want to refer to this guide on Creating and Uploading Auto Attendant Greetings with screenshots that reflect your experience. You may also upgrade to the new interface for free at anytime! Simply login to your vConsole account and click on the banner at the top of the screen to continue.