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Audio Conferencing (vConsole)

Each extension owner in vConsole may create their own conference room. System administrators may grant or block the use of an extension’s conference room, so before you get started, check if your extension has conference privileges by logging in to your extension and navigating to the conference tab. Here you will be able to view the status information and configure your private conference room.

VirtualPBX Audio Conferencing is a “reservation-less” service. That means that you do not have to pre-schedule your conference calls within the system. You can start a conference at any time from anywhere. Your conference room is also protected from misuse by the virtue that a conference cannot start until, you, the moderator and owner of your own private conference room enter the room. All participants in your conference room prior to your arrival hear music on hold and cannot speak to each other.

You will need two things to hold a conference call:

  • The dial-in access phone number. This is your main VirtualPBX number.
  • Your VirtualPBX phone password. This is the same as your VirtualPBX phone password that you use to login to your extension. You should never give this number out to anyone.

These items were included in the email that was sent to you when you signed up for the service. If you did not keep the email or you cannot remember this information, contact your administrator of the VirtualPBX within your company.

Conferencing Setup

  1. Login as an Admin
    • Click on the Admin Tab
    • Click on Conferencing

  2. By default, Conferencing is enabled. You can choose to disable it if you like and can re-enable conferencing at any time.
  3. You can choose to enable/disable conferencing for specific extensions by clicking Edit, Enable/Disable Conferencing.
  4. Select the extensions that you want to have the ability to host a conference. Click Update.
  5. You can also check the box to enable conferencing for every extension. Click Update.

How to Start a Conference Call

  1. Prepare for the Conference Call
    Determine the day and time you are going to hold the conference call. Send a message to all the conference participants advising them of the day and time of the call and provide them with the dial-in access number and your extension number.
  2. Enter the Conference room as a Participant
    Have the participant dial your VirtualPBX toll-free number, then press 9 (or your conference option) to go to the conference bridge. The participant will be asked to enter your extension number. The participant will be transferred to your private conference room. As other participants dial-in to the conference they will be added to the conference room. The conference will not start until you join the conference as the moderator.
  3. Start the Conference Call as the Moderator
    When you’re ready to start the conference, call your VirtualPBX toll-free number, then press 9 (or your conference option) to go to the conference bridge. As a moderator dial the # key followed by your extension number. You will be prompted for your VirtualPBX phone password followed by the # key. After you enter your password, you will be ​entered into your private conference room. After you are connected to your conference room, your participants will be connected with an audible connect tone.
  4. Monitor your Conference on the Web
    You can monitor who is in your conference room from the vConsole. The vConsole will display the caller ID of each person in the conference and the length of time they have been there. As new participants join their numbers will also appear in your conference room monitor. You may also password-protect your conference room from the conference tab on the vConsole. If you password-protect your room, all participants will be asked to enter the conference room password. This is a good way to prevent unwanted people from joining your conference.

Feature Codes Availabile During a Conference

* 0 – Help Message
At any time during a conference both Moderators and Participants can dial *0 on their phone to hear a list of features and options available to them.

* 2 – Participant Announcement Tone
With this option toggled on, a tone is played when a Participant joins or leaves a conference. When this option is toggled off, there will be no tone when a Participant joins or leaves.

* 7 – Lock Conference
This feature allows the Moderator to lock the conference so that no additional Participants can join the conference. To lock the conference, enter *7. To unlock the conference, enter *7 again.

# 8 – Participant Count
When you enter # 8 the system will tell you how many Participants on currently on the call.