Using the Greeting Manager

Using the VirtualPBX Greeting Manager system administrators can manage, upload, record, or order Auto-Attendant or Company Name greetings at any time. Greeting Manager features include:

  • Auto-Attendant and Company Name greetings that are maintained in their own libraries so you’ll always be organized.
  • Instant switching between name or phone number views of your library and greeting changes with a simple mouse-click.
  • The ability to create different daytime and nighttime greetings and use our Day/Night scheduler to switch between them automatically.
  • User-determined naming conventions. You’ll never have to remember whether or not “j04_001a.wav” is actually your July 4th holiday greeting or your New Year’s greeting.
  • Preview of every greeting through your computer’s media player.
  • Use of a text-to-speech synthesizer to instantly create a new greeting.
  • Script a greeting for us to record for you in our studio.
  • Use your own studio or outside resources to make your own greetings and upload them to your VPBX library.
  • Record your own greetings over the phone.

greeting manager layout

The Greeting Manager is currently available to system administrators only. Once logged-in, system administrators will find an additional GREETINGS tab. Click on the GREETINGS tab to access the Greeting Manager

Once loaded, system administrators can access and manage individual greetings using the three user areas shown below.
Three Different User Areas of the Greeting Manager

Figure 1. Greeting Manager User Areas

  1. Greeting Types: Each button accesses one of two Greeting Types that are managed by the Greeting Manager.
  2. Navigation Tabs: Each tab provides two different library views and three different ways to add a greeting.
  3. Controls: Individual controls provide information about greetings, access to individual actions for a given greeting, or areas for user input and options when adding a greeting.

greeting manager library views

Library Views will change depending on which Greeting Type is chosen. Locate the Greeting Type you’d like to work with, then click on either the Main Greeting or Company Name button. Click either the View by Name or View by Phone tab to change views.

The figures below illustrate the diffferences between the two views based on the Greeting Type chosen.
Main Greetings Viewed by Name

Figure 2. Main Greetings Viewed by Name
Company Name Greetings Viewed by Phone

Figure 3. Company Name Greetings Viewed by Phone

adding files to the greeting manager

Greetings can be added to a Virtual PBX using any one of three methods: by file upload, recorded through the phone, or by submitting an order. Whichever method you choose, the process is straightfoward and, in most cases, results are immediately assignable to a Main Greeting or Company Name on your system. These choices are shown below.
Upload Recording Page

Figure 4. Upload Greeting Page
Clicking on the Upload Greeting tab loads this page. Give your greeting a name. Locate it on your hard drive. Then click the Upload button to add it to your system.
Record By Phone Page

Figure 5. Record By Phone Page
The Virtual PBX can call you wherever you are at so you can record over the phone. Click on the Record by Phone tab to load this page. Give your greeting a name. Choose your default Contact Phone Number or enter an alternate phone number. Then click the Call Me Now button to begin the recording.
Order Recording Page

Figure 6. Order Greeting Page
If you prefer the big business image of a professional studio greeting, click the Order Greeting tab to load this page. Select your options for the greeting, provide a script, then submit your order.