VirtualText App Guide

Customers who began service with VirtualPBX before April 26, 2022 are encouraged to use the new VirtualText App but must work with the Customer Service Team to convert their account before they are able to proceed. Set up a time with our team here. 

Setting up a user with VirtualText

Setting up a VirtualText user will pull the same email address from the user itself. Each email address can only be used once in VirtualText, similar to the Dashboard restrictions. If you need additional plan users to allow more users in VirtualText, please speak with our Services team for pricing.

As an admin, log in to your Dashboard. Go to Users on the left side menu

  • Click on the User Features Box for the user you would like to add VirtualText to
  • Click on VirtualText Application feature

  •  Turn on VirtualText Application
  •  Select the phone number
    • Please Note: the selectable numbers here will include all numbers on this user and any Main or Auto-Attendant numbers that have not already been assigned to VirtualText. To share numbers with other users at this time, please contact our Support team
  • Save Changes

Once you click Save Changes, the user is created in VirtualText with the same level of permissions as in your Dash account. Meaning an Admin in Dash, is an Admin in VirtualText.

The user will get an email with their login credentials for use with

Adding/Importing Contacts

To add contacts, click on Contacts on the left menu.

When adding contacts you have two options.

  1. Manually enter in a single contact, by clicking on New Contact at the top right
  2. Upload a .CSV with the following format (Format: Full Name, Phone Number, E-mail Address). Start this by clicking on Import

Note, if you go to the import Contacts section, there is a download sample of the CSV file.

Texting With VirtualText

Conversation history is only available per user for each phone number while it is ACTIVE or ACTIVELY shared with that user. In other words, texting history for a number will not be transferred to a user who just started using a given number.

To start a conversation:

  1. Click on Conversations on the left menu
  2. Click on New Conversations at the top right to start a new conversation.  At that point you will be given the option to enter in a new phone number or select an existing conversation.

You can then type your message, use the paper click to add an attachment, such as an image or other media (MMS). You can also click the arrow pointing to the left below the attachment to insert a “Canned Response”.

Canned Responses

You can also create canned responses to send quick replies out.

To create one, go to “Canned responses” on the left and then click on “Add New Response”.

From there give it a title and enter text in the message body. There are also two additional functions you can use.

  1. Auto-Reply to Keyword. If you receive an SMS message exactly like this, it will auto send this canned response. This is useful for sending things like an address, hours of operation or other information that the user can request. 

  2. In the message body, you can use “View Merge Fields”. This will let you customize the canned response to include the respondent’s name.

    [title](e.g. Mrs.)
    [first] (e.g. Jane)
    [last] (e.g. Doe)
    [suffix] (e.g. Jr.)

    Example: “Hi [first]. I am out of the office, I will reply when I have a chance. Thank you.” This response will pull the first name out of the contact and include it in the message. If you only have the number in the contact, then it will fallback and use the number instead.