Using Your iOS Mobile Softphone

Instructions here will show you how to use various aspects of your VirtualPBX Mobile Softphone on iOS devices. Click any of the following links to jump to an individual section.

  1. Iconography
  2. Contacts
  3. Call History
  4. SMS Text Messaging
  5. Preferences

Iconography and Virtual Buttons on Your Softphone

  • Once you’ve logged into the softphone and applied permissions you will see the dialpad. The following numbers shown in the screenshot correspond to the functions of each icon.
    1. Return to the dialpad
    2. View contacts
    3. Call history
    4. Texting / IM
    5. Settings / preferences

    Note: Texting/IM features will only work with specific plans and settings. If you are interested in this feature, please contact our Account Services Team.

  • Here you see the dialpad indicating that you have a new voicemail and a missed call.
    • A number on the dialpad icon indicates new voicemail
    • A number next to call history indicates a missed call

Contacts / Buddy List

  • The Contacts screen allows you to import your cell phone contacts into the Softphone app.
    Buddies requires an account enabled for IM, please contact our Account Services team to verify your plan includes this. You can use Buddies to quickly send Instant messages to your contacts.
    Favorites: You can make a “frequently called” contact a favorite to easily find them here instead of going through your full contacts list

Call History

  • You can view your entire call history or missed calls or conferences.

SMS Text Messaging

  • Tap the Notepad icon in the upper-right corner to start a new message.
    1. Tap on logout to logout of the app.
    2. Tap on Preferences to adjust how the app works.


    • Improve Reachability: Make sure this setting is enabled.
    • Reachability Strategy: This setting should be set to “Enhanced.”
    • Native Integration: Make sure this setting is enabled.

    Note: These settings help to insure that the app will not be closed by the operating system and can be used in the background.