Dash User Portal

  1. Start by going directly to dash.virtualpbx.com or click on the Dash Login link on virtualpbx.com.
  2. To login, enter your email address, password, and the account name (normally the company name).
  3. The first time you login, the step-by-step wizard will prompt you for a brief tour. Please read the box and click Let’s get started to begin.
  4. You can always come back to this page by clicking on your name at the top of the page.
  5. Click Roger That to exit the wizard
  6. Click the gear icon to edit a particular section
  7. Email Address allows you to change the email address associated with your user account
  8. Password allows you to change the password used to login to Dash
  9. Timezone & Language lets you adjust your timezone and language preferences
  10. Date and Time Display lets you change how the date and time show up
  11. Click on the Hamburger Menu icon, then click on User Portal.
  12. The User portal shows your voicemail, call history, faxes, contact list, conferences/settings, and your general settings/devices.
  13. Voicemail will show your voicemails. You can save them or delete them once you’re done with them.
    NOTE: If delete after notification is enabled on the user’s voicemail box, no messages will show up here.

    Keep in mind that you can only store up to 100 voicemails before the voicemail box is full. The Play and download icons are to the far right. Use these to play back your messages or download them to your computer. For the full Voicemail guide, please click here.

  14. Click on Call History. Call History displays your inbound and outbound calls in the date range selected
  15. Click on Faxes to view your Fax Log. The Fax Log shows you your inbound and outbound faxes in the date range selected. You also have the option to download a fax to your computer.

  16. The Contact List tab shows other users’ extensions/contact numbers as well as ring groups and some useful phone-based options.
  17. Conference allows you to control your conference via the User Portal. Here is a conference in session.
    • Invite Participants is for other users on your Dash account.

    • You can select the other people to invite to the conference.

    • Lock allows you to prevent other people from joining a conference that is already in progress.

    • Click the lock icon again to unlock.
    • Mute Participants mutes all participants.
    • Hangup, ends the conference.
    • For individual participants, you can Mute or Unmute.
    • Deafen or Undeafen participants.
    • Or remove a participant by clicking on Kick.
  18. Conference settings are on the right side of your screen.
    At the top you can adjust your moderator and participant PIN numbers.

    Below that are your options for participants joining muted/deafened as will as entry and exit tones.
  19. Settings & Devices allows you to control your Call forwarding and see the status of your devices.
  20. Click on the Call Forwarding checkbox to set the number where you want to forward your calls.
    Enter +1 then the area code and phone number.

  21. Click on Save.

Note: Call Forwarding is designed to send calls to a cell phone or landline that is NOT a device on the user. Generally speaking, this is for rare or time to time usage vs everyday usage.

Keep Caller ID: will maintain the inbound callers callerID when the call is forwarded. If this is not checked the number the inbound caller dialed, will show up as the caller ID to the receiving device.