Completing Your Upgrade: User Configuration Options

Please review the following settings and update your account using the provided instructions.

Follow Me Calling

By default Follow Me Calling is not enabled and all devices assigned to a user will ring simultaneously. Enabling Follow Me Calling allows you to prioritize which devices ring, for how long, and in what order. You may also exclude certain devices as you desire.

While adjusting Follow Me Calling settings, please note that cell phones should be configured to ring for at least 30 seconds to account for the delay caused by some mobile carriers.

Please follow the step-by-step instructions for Follow Me Calling.


As a first priority, a PIN needs to be set on your voicemail box.

By default, notifications that a voicemail has been received are sent to the user’s email address. Optionally, you may add additional email addresses to receive these notifications and/or include an audio file attachment of the voicemail itself.

Please follow the step-by-step instructions for Voicemail.

Devices and Contact Numbers

Please take the time to ensure that all devices and phone numbers are in use. Some users may have left unused phone numbers or devices in the account. Removing phone numbers and devices could lower your monthly bill.

Please follow the step-by-step instructions for Removing a Phone Number.

Email Address and Passwords

Unlike vConsole, each user on Dash must have a unique email address. This email address is used to login to the account and to receive email notifications, such as when a voicemail is received. The email address must be valid or you will not be able to receive notifications OR reset your password.

A user’s email address and password can be changed by navigating to “Users,” selecting the user, and clicking on “Change Credentials” next to their email address.

Receiving Faxes on your Main Number

To improve reliability of faxing, the new platform separates faxing and voice traffic. The new account by default has one or more Main Numbers for voice traffic, and a separate Main Fax Number.

We have a workaround, that allows assigning the Main Faxbox an extension number, which allows receiving faxes on the main number when a sender dial the number and enters the extension number.

We are also happy to provide additional free phone numbers on your account to help you transition to a separate fax number.

Call Screening

The original platform offered an option asking the caller to record their name, then play that to the callee before accepting the call.

On the new platform, call screening does not have this option; however it does allow you to accept or reject the call, and on VoIP phones provides caller information which you may optionally configure to prepend information in the Caller ID.

Skill-based Ranking in ACD Queues Pro

Skill-based ranking functions differently on the new platform. Pro ACD Queues provide a more sophisticated configuration option for Timeouts, Overflow/Escalation queues to handle routing to different queues.

Additionally, the Pro ACD Queues provide real-time call information, call management and skill-based ranking. The skill-based ranking supports industry standard skill management for call centers, which is different from the original queues.