Yealink T48G: BLF/Extension Presence

BLF stands for Busy Lamp Field. On your VoIP phone, this allows you to see which extensions are currently busy or available. The following steps will guide you adding the extensions you wish to monitor on your Yealink T48G using available DSS keys.

Program DSS Keys on the VoIP Phone Itself

  1. Press and hold one the blank DSS Keys
  2. In the dropdown list select BLF
  3. Enter the following:
    • Leave Account ID as line 1
    • Label may be anything that you wish, ie a person’s name
    • Value should be the other user’s extension number
    • Extension should also be the other user’s extension number

  4. Click Save
  5. Going forward you will be able to see if that extension is making an outbound call, ringing, or talking.

  6. Program DSS Keys on the VoIP Phone’s Web Interface

    To continue, make sure your phone is sharing the same internet connection as your computer. After you find your phone’s IP address, you will be able to setup multiple user extensions quickly and with more ease compared to the phone screen interface.

    1. Find your phone’s IP address by clicking on Menu > 1 Status > IP Address. Your IP address will look similar to this example: Make sure to record this address.
    2. At this point, you are finished with the phone. In your web browser, type the IP address found in the first step.
    3. Log into the Yealink phone web interface using username “admin” and password “admin”.
    4. Navigate to DSSKey
    5. Choose a line key you to associate with the extension you want to monitor. In this example we are using line 18 for extension 1016 labeled “Test”.
    6. To add a visual or audio alert to the BLF button, navigate to Features.
    7. To add a visual alert to the BLF button, enable “Alert for BLF pickup” This will change the display on the phone and show you the caller ID to that BLF extension.
    8. To add an audio alert, “Audio alert for BLF” will need to be enabled. This will alert the person monitoring the BLF button that there is an incoming call to that BLF extension.